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New and Forthcoming Items: Music

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August 2016

3oh!3.  Night Sports                                                        ROCK 3OH!3 Night

Altstaedt, Nicolas.  Shostakovich: Cello Conertos              CLAS Alts Shos

American Authors.  What We Live For                               ROCK Amer What

Arturo O’Farrill Sextet.  Boss Level                                    JAZZ OFar Boss

Avett Brothers.  True Sadness                                          ROCK Avet True

Bach.  All You Need Is Bach                                               CLAS Bach All

Bentley, Dierks.  Black                                                       COUN Bent Blac

Beyonce.  Lemonade                                                         POP Beyo Lemo

Clark, Brandy.  Big Day In a Small Town                            COUN Clar Big

Colvin & Earle.  Colvin & Earle                                            POP Colv Colv

Dan + Shay.  Obsessed                                                     COUN Dan Obse

Davis, Miles.  Everything’s Beautiful                                  JAZZ Davi Ever

Drama.  Quality Street Music                                             RAP Dram Qual

Drake.  Views                                                                    RAP Drak View

Dylan, Bob.  Fallen Angels                                                 FOLK Dyla Fall

Eno, Brian.  The Ship                                                        ROCK Eno Ship

Fifth Harmony.  7/27                                                       POP Fift 7/27

Franti, Michael & Spearhead.  Soulrocker                          RAP Fran Soul

Freeman, Matthew.  Symphonic Queen                            CLAS Free Symp

Goo Goo Dolls.  Boxes                                                      ROCK Goo Boxe

Good Charlotte.  Youth Authority                                   ROCK Good Yout

Heart.  Beautiful Broken                                                  ROCK Hear Beau

Hooker, Jane Lee.  No B!                                                  R&B Hook No

JJ Weeks Band.  As Long As We Can Breathe                   INSP Week As

Jonas, Nick.  Last Year Was Complicated                          POP Jona Last

Macklemore & Lewis.  This Unruly Mess I’ve Made            RAP Mack This

Marley, Ziggy.  Ziggy Marley                                            WORLD Regga Marl Zigg

Maxwell.  Black Summers’ Night                                      R&B Maxw Blac

McCartney, Paul.  Pure McCartney                                  ROCK McCa Pure

Michele, Christie.  Milestone                                            R&B Mich Mile

Morris, Maren.  Hero                                                       COUN Morr Hero

Mudcrutch.  2                                                                 ROCK Mudc 2

Nettles, Jennifer.  Playing With Fire                                 COUN Nett Play

Pardi, Jon.  California Sunrise                                         COUN Pard Cali

Pierce the Veil.  Misadventures                                       ROCK Pier Misa

Prince.  Very Best of Prince                                             ROCK Prin Very

Radiohead.  A Moon Shaped Pool                                   ROCK Radi Moon

Red Hot Chili Peppers.  The Getaway                              ROCK Red Geta

Rollins, Sonny.  Road Shows Vol. 4                                JAZZ Roll Road V4

Scarlatti, Domenico.  Scarlatti Sonatas                           CLAS Scar Scar

Simon, Paul.  Stranger To Stranger                                POP Simo Stra

Snoop Dogg.  Coolaid                                                    RAP Snoo Cool

Tchilovsky/Khachaturian.  Piano Concertos                    CLAS Tcha Pian

Tegan & Sara.  Love You To Death                                 ROCK Tega Love

Various.  Now Broadway                                                MUSI Coll Now

Various.  Now County, Vol. 9                                         COUN Coll Now Coun V.9

Various.  Waitress                                                          MUSI Wait

Various.  Miles Ahead                                                     SOUND Miles

Various.  Bright Star                                                      MUSI Brig

Volbeat.  Seal the Deal and Let’s Boogies                       ROCK Volb Seal

Yana.  Chapters                                                              ROCK Yana Chap

YG.  Still Brazy                                                                ROCK YG Stil

Zedd.  True Colors                                                          POP Zedd True


July 2016

Bird, Andrew.  Are You Serious                                      ROCK BIRD ARE

Bradley, Charles.  Changes                                             R&B BRAD CHAN

Carpenter, Mary Chapin. Things That We Are Made Of   COUN CARP THIN

Clapton, Eric.  I Still Do                                                  ROCK CLAP I

Collett, Jason.  Song and Dance Man                             ROCK COLL SONG

Frampton, Peter.  Acoustic Classics                                ROCK FRAM ACOU

Graham, Lukas.  Lukas Graham                                       ROCK GRAH LUKA

Grande, Ariana.  Dangerous Woman                               POP GRAN DANG

J Dilla.  Diary                                                                  RAP DILL DIAR

Kelley, Josh.  New Lane Road                                         COUN KELL NEW

Kid Cudi.  Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven                                 RAP KID SPEE
Lauper, Cyndi.  Detour                                                   POP LAUP DETO

Lonestar.  Never Enders                                                 COUN LOAN NEVE

Lumineers.  Cleopatra                                                    FOLK LUMI CLEO

Nash, Graham.  This Path Tonight                                  ROCK NASH THIS

Nelson, Willie.  Summertime                                           COUN NELS SUMM

Pop, Iggy.  Post Pop Depression                                   ROCK POP POST

Prince.  1999                                                                 ROCK PRIN 1999

Rae, Corinne Bailey.  Heart Speaks In Whispers              R&B RAE HEAR

Santana.   Santana IV                                                    ROCK SANT SANT IV

Silk.  Quiet Storm                                                           R&B SILK QUIE

Various.  Purple Rain                                                      SOUND PURPLE

Wilson, Rita.  Rita Wilson                                                POP WILS RITA