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SmarterMail : Help! Includes Videos

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From the Help Panels:


SmarterMail's auto-complete feature allows you to quickly select an email address from a dropdown list when filling in the To, Cc and Bcc fields while composing an email or when adding Attendees to a calendar appointment. Because most users generally send email to the same people or addresses, the email addresses from your Sent Items folder, your contacts, the Global Address List (GAL), aliases and mailing lists are automatically saved in this list.

Addresses pulled in from your Sent Items folder can be deleted by clicking the X to the right of the entry. To delete other addresses from the list, you will need to do so from their respective locations within SmarterMail. That is, delete the contact, alias, mailing list, etc.

Contact Lists


Organize your mail by creating folders and setting up content filtering rules

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Maintaining your mailbox size


Follow these steps to assign a contact to a category:

  1. Log in to SmarterMail as a user.
  2. Click the Contacts icon. A list of your contacts will load in the navigation pane.
  3. Click the desired contact, and that contact's details will display in a pop-out window. 
  4. In the pop-out window, scroll until you see the Categories card. Here, all current categories that have been created will be displayed, each with a toggle.
  5. To assign a contact to one or more categories, simply activate the toggle for each that you would like to assign the contact to. NOTE: If you need to create a new category, close the pop-out window. Then click the Categories icon in the bottom button bar and select New Category. Type the new category name in the text field. Once you re-open a contact's details the new category will appear on in the Categories card.
  6. Once you've enabled your categories for the contact, be sure to click Save.

There are a couple of different ways to send messages to all contacts within a category: one is from the Contacts area, another is from the new message compose window. 

To send a message to all contacts within a Category from the Contacts area:

  1. Click the Contacts icon. A list of contacts will load in the navigation pane.
  2. Next, select the Source you want to show. This could be My Contacts, Global Address List, etc. Hide all other sources as needed.
  3. Underneath your list of Contact Sources -- e.g., My Contacts -- you'll see a list of your existing Categories. 
  4. First, you'll want to hide all Categories EXCEPT the one(s) you want to email. 
  5. Once all unnecessary Categories are hidden, click the Select button.
  6. Next, click the Select (0) button. From the dropdown, select Select All. 
  7. Click the Select (x) button, where X is the number of contacts that are selected. 
  8. From the menu, select Send Email. This will open a new message addressed to all of the contacts in the selected category.
  9. Compose the email and click Send.
To send a message to all contacts in a specific Category from the new message compose window:
  1. From the Email area, click the New button to start a new message.
  2. When the new message compose window opens, you'll see the Recipients icon next to the To: text filed. Click on that icon. (If you click on the Cc and/or Bcc labels, you'll see the Recipients icon appear next to those fields as well.)
  3. The Recipients modal opens. Here, you can use the List dropdown to select which contacts you want to possibly email. The List dropdown includes your Sources (e.g,, My Contacts) as well as all Categories that you've created. 
  4. To email all contacts for a specific Category, use the dropdown and select the Category you want to use.
  5. All Contacts that are part of that category are displayed. Each has a toggle so you can select them individually if you only want to email SOME of the contacts in that category, or click the Select All button to list them all as recipients of your message.
  6. Whichever you choose, click the Save button to close the Recipients modal.
  7. You can now compose your message as needed.

Creating folders

Block Senders