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Microsoft Office 2010: Working With Objects

Adding Text

Adding Text

When you insert a design based on a template, the software inserts a layout for text and displays “placeholder text” in the pre-inserted text boxes. To replace the placeholder text with your own text:

Adding Text
1. Double-click on the text object you wish to edit
2. The text object should be selected with a darkened background to indicate that you can begin typing over that text object
3. Click anywhere outside of the selected text box to see your text
4. Any text placeholders within text boxes will be replaced with your text as you begin typing

Adding Text Boxes
You can add a text box to any area within your document’s layout
Adding Text Boxes to Empty Areas in Layout
1. Navigate to Insert on the Menu Bar
2. From the Insert menu option, select “Text Box”

3. The arrow changes to a +
4. Click in the space you want to insert your text box and drag the cross hatch to the desired size

5. Once you have drawn the text box, you can left-click anywhere in the text box and begin typing text
6. Apply formatting to the text as you would for other documents using the text formatting tools in either the toolbar or menu bar

Working With Images

Inserting Images

1. Navigate to the Insert option on the menu bar
2. Use the Insert drop down to select Picture
3. From the Picture sub-menu within the Insert option to expand Picture submenu to select from:
   a) Clip Art
   b) From File
4. By selecting the option to “upload” a picture “From File” you should see the Insert Picture dialog box

1. From the Insert picture dialog box, drop-down the menu option to the right of “Look In:” and browse your computer for the correct file folder (directory) and within the file directory, the correct image file
2. Left click on the image file you wish to insert and you should see its name appear in the “File Name:” box at the bottom of the dialog box
3. Select the Insert option
4. The picture should drop into place