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Microsoft Office 2010: Pre-Designed Templates

Editing Design Options

Selecting Your Own Color or Font Schemes

If you are unsatisfied with any of the pre-designed color or font schemes offered within the software, you can create your own

1. Navigate to "Page Design" on the menu bar and drop down to Create New Color Scheme in the Built In
 2. A dialog box will open to create new font or color schemes.



Working in the Background

Each publisher document works with both a Foreground View and a Background

Creating a background image

1. On your menu bar, navigate to: Page Design and click on Background.
2. The Background task pane will appear on the right side of your screen
3. Click on the “More Backgrounds” option and the background options dialog box will open.


4. You can change background color, pattern, picture, gradient effect, texture or tint
5. To apply the background to all pages within your greeting card, click on the selection and then click on OK