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Microsoft Office 2010: Working With Publisher

Getting Started

Publisher 2010 Interface

1. When Publisher 2010 is opened, click on a Design Template in order to open it and begin working.

Welcome to Publisher

Publisher Welcome Screen

1. The “Most Popular”  as show in the above image hyperlinks to a variety of categories of pre-designed templates
2. Scroll through the list to find the heading “Greeting Cards”
3. Left-click once on the “Greeting Cards” heading
4. Thumbnails (or previews of pre-designed cards) will display in the center of the task pane

These designs are broken down by subcategory within the more general category of Greeting Cards. Subcategories include: thank you cards; birthday cards; and holiday cards

We will design a holiday card for the purpose of this exercise. Use the Index at the top of the Greeting Cards preview screen to location the option for “holiday” and left-click once on that entry.



5. Scroll through the thumbnails of holiday cards and double-click on the option you would like to use as your background template
6. Publisher creates your publication