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Microsoft Office 2010: Designing Tables

Creating Your Table

When your new database opens, you will be in the Table Tools and you can start to enter your data and name your fields. 

Design view: Design view allows you restrict the type of information you want to enter in the fields (similar to cells in Excel) - such as pre-formatted calendars, image files, objects from other MS Office files, or hyperlinks. It further allows you to restrict data entered into each field by length and other parameters. It also allows you to set a primary key.

Layout view: In this view, you will "data enter" into each field designed previously in Design view.


Create a table in Design View

1. There are several options for pre-defining how your data will appear: yes/no boxes, number or currency format, a drop-down list, a date range, and just plain text
2. Data Type field is where we can adjust the type of data we would like entered

Tip: Hit "enter" after typing each category name to tab to the next column to create another category.

1. Create your categories 
2. Navigate to the View grouping (in the Home tab) and toggle to Design view
    a. Enter the categories in the field names
    b. Click in each “cell” under the heading “data type” to choose your data type