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Microsoft Office 2010: Prep for Slideshow & Print

Insert YouTube Video

For extra "pizzazz" watch how to insert a YouTube video directly into your PowerPoint presentation

Preparing Presentations for Slideshow View

1. Define transitions between slides. The transitions are effects such as checkboards and dissolves between slides.
2. Navigate to the Animations tab within the PowerPoint Ribbon
3. Within the Animations tab, scroll through the box of transition types

4. Each transition “icon” clicked will offer preview of that transition
5. The highlighted transition will be the one applied
6. If you’d like this transition applied throughout your entire slide show, within the Timing grouping, left click on “Apply to All”

Prep Slides for Presentation

Prep the slides
1. Run Spell Check in Normal view by navigating to the Spell Check option in the Proofing grouping under the Review Tab

2. Set Up Your Slide Show
   a. Navigate to the Slide Show tab on the MS Office Ribbon
   b. Click “Set Up Slide Show” within the Set-up grouping
   c. The Set Up Slide Show Dialog Box appears

   d. Click OK when done so PowerPoint can save your set-up specifications

1. Preview the show on your computer as you would to run the slide show by navigating to Slide Show Tab
2. From the Slide Show Tab, navigate to the Start Slide Show grouping and select “From Beginning” to play or preview the entire show
3. If you don’t want to click through all of the slides right click in the presentation and select/left-click "Exit" to exit Slide Show View

Printing Presentations

Printing slides
1.Choose one of the following options in print preview to print your
  a. Printing the slides, one to a page
  b. Printing a handout, which includes choices ranging from one slide to several slides per page
  c. Printing notes

2. Color options for printing
  a. In Print Preview check out the available printing choices by clicking the Options button
  b. Color – reproduces all the colors of your show on the printout
  c. Color (on black and white printer) – the show’s colors are rendered in blacks, whites and grays            
  d. Grayscale – you get a modified version of the show’s colors in blacks, whites and grays (if you’re printing in black and white this saves ink and give you a somewhat artistic result)
  e. Pure Black and White – this is the default, you get less gradations, lose the dimension that shading offers while gaining some economy