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Microsoft Office 2010: Illustrations & Charts

Edit Chart Data

1. When you work in the chart, two more tabs will appear on the Microsoft Office Ribbon: Design tab and Layout tab
2. To edit chart data, navigate to the Design tab and from the Design Tab, navigate to the Data grouping
3. Within the Data grouping, select the icon labeled Edit Data

4. The PowerPoint and Excel windows will be side-by-side
5. Edit your data in Excel and the changes will auto-reflect in PowerPoint.

Paste an Excel Chart into PowerPoint

Insert an Existing Chart into a Slide
1. To insert an existing chart into a slide, open the Excel chart in your Excel software and left-click to select the chart and navigate to the Home tab within Excel
2. Within Excel’s Home tab, navigate to the Clipboard grouping and select the “Copy” icon
3. Navigate to your PowerPoint window and in the PPT window, navigate to the Home tab’s clipboard grouping to select the icon for Paste within the Clipboard grouping

The Illustrations Grouping

Insert/Create a Chart
1. Navigate to the Insert tab on the Microsoft Office ribbon and select the “Chart icon” from the Illustrations grouping
2. The Insert Chart dialog box will pop open
3. Select a chart type you wish to insert and double click on image
4. A template for an Excel chart to enter values will pop open side-by-side with PPT presentation
5. Modify the Excel chart to enter the values that reflect your labels and numbers

6. When the labels and values are entered into the Excel chart, enlarge your PowerPoint (PPT) presentation

7. You can edit the chart title to reflect your display