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Microsoft Office 2010: Smart Art

Using Smart Art/Creating Diagrams

What Is Smart Art? Smart Art permits you to insert diagrams such as organizational charts into a worksheet.
1. Navigate to the Insert Tab
2. From the Insert Tab, navigate to the Illustrations grouping
3. From the Illustrations group, select the Smart Art icon

4. A dialog box will pop open to choose a type of smart art list or diagram
5. For example, select the Hierarchy option to choose an organizational (org) chart from the list on the left-hand side of the dialog box (a visual preview will pop up on the right side of the dialog box)
6. Select a Smart Art graphic from the Hierarchy category and select OK

Add Relationships in Hierarchy Diagram
1. To add relationships between content noted in shapes, select  (left click on) the shape to which you want to add a relationship (if done correctly, a border will appear around the shape to show it has been selected)
2. Once the shape is selected, right click to view the "Editing" dialog box
3. Select "Add Shape" for the "Add Shape" options view

Change Smart Art Design Style
1. To change the style of the shapes in your smart art, click on the shape you wish to change and then navigate to the Format tab
2. From the Format tab, review groupings for:  Shapes; Shape Styles

3. Click on the icon/label for Change Shape and then drop down the arrow next to the label to see a list of shapes
4. Select your preferred shape, such as the trapezoid in this example:

5. The shape for the Smart Art you selected should change: