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Microsoft Office 2010: Charts

Change Chart Type

Change the Chart Type
1.  Click on an empty area of the chart to select the chart
2.  Within the Design tab on the Ribbon, click the Change Chart Type in the Type grouping
3. The Chart Type dialog box will appear
4. Click a new chart type
5. Click OK

Update Chart Values

Update a chart with changed values
1. Open the worksheet that contains the data that is plotted in the chart.
2. In the cell that contains the value that you want to change, type a new value
3. Press ENTER - the chart will update automatically with the updated value(s)


Creating charts
1. Before creating charts, we need to create the data that will be plotted into our charts. To do this at the very simplest level, open an Excel workbook and insert basic labels into Column A and associated values into Column B.
2. Select this range of data (Click the First Cell in the Range of Cells you wish to Select and drag your mouse across the cells within the range.

3. From the Insert tab, navigate to the Charts group.
4. From the Charts group, select the type of chart you wish to insert from the icons
5. When you select a chart, Excel places it in the workshop

Formatting Charts
1. The Design Tab that appears once the chart is created will allow for formatting designs.
   a. Within the Design Tab, the Chart Styles group will help you choose a visual style
   b.    Within the Design Tab, the Chart Layouts group will help you choose a chart layout that best visually depicts your data

Change legend and titles
1. Right-click on the legend box to select
2. A dialog box will appear
3. Choose "Select Data"
4. Another dialog box will allow you to select the legend titles
5. Select the legend titles and click the option to "Edit"
6. Replace with updated legend titles

Change chart title
1. Triple click the default title, "Chart Title" to select the title
2. Type your title over the highlighted selection

Add axis titles

1. The X axis is the horizontal value display in a chart. The Y axis is the vertical value display in the chart. Axis titles help to identify chart data.
2. Click on an empty area of the chart to select it and then click the Layout tab and navigate to the Labels Group and Click on Axes Titles.

3. To label the Y axis, expand the arrow underneath the Axis Titles label and select from the list of options, Vertical Title as shown below:

4. Type in the name you would like to label your Y Axis and your chart will have an axis label as follows: