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Microsoft Office 2010: Review & Collaboration

Compare and Merge

Combine all changes from multiple authors/versions into a single document
1. Navigate to the Review tab’s Compare group
2. Left click on their the icon for Compare within the Changes group
3. The following options are offered: Compare Two Versions of a Document Side-by-Side OR Combine Revisions from Multiple Authors into One Document
4. Within the Combine or Compare dialog box(es), changes can be combined from between documents and generated in a new document window.

Combine Documents

1. Browse for your original document

2. Browse for a revised version

3. Merge changes from the original and revised documents

Track Changes

Track Changes
1.  On the Review tab’s Tracking group, click on the Track Changes icon
2.  Two most appropriate options will be offered from the Track Changes menu: Track Changes and Change Tracking Options
3.  Select Track Changes to use the default styles for tracking changes made to a document by yourself and other authors
4. If you’d like to choose specified colors and styles for tracked changes, select the Change Tracking Options and the Track Changes Options dialog box will open.
5. If you’d like to discontinue tracking changes made to a document, navigate back to the Track Changes icon, and de-select Track Changes by again left-clicking on the option.

Accept or Reject Changes

Accept or reject a change that’s been tracked
1. Navigate to the Review tab’s Changes group
2. Left click on the option for either Accept or Reject within the Changes group depending on whether you want to to keep the change or reject a change that you or another collaborator/author has made.
3. If you wish to accept all changes made to a document, navigate to Accept and scroll down to the icon’s menu option for “Accept All Changes in a Document” and left click once.


Add Comments to a Document
1. Navigate to the Review tab’s Comments group
2. Left click on the icon that looks like a post-it note (New Comment) after you insert your cursor at the place within the document where a comment is desired.
3. A ballooned “post it note” will pop open in a space to add a comment within the “post its’” red borders.
4. To Delete a comment, click the comment balloon within your main document (that you wish to delete) and navigate to the Delete icon within the Comments group in the Review tab.