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Microsoft Office 2010: Working With Tables

Insert a Table

Insert a table
1.  On the Insert tab’s Table group, click on the Table icon
2.  From the Table dialog box, select the option for Insert Table
3.  Drag across to select the number of rows and columns you’d like inserted into your table


Design your table
1. When you insert a table and your table is selected, two more tabs will appear on the Microsoft Ribbon: Tabs for Design and Layout of the Table.
2. In the table Design tab you can choose pre-formatted styles for your table and add effects such as custom borders and shading from the Table Styles group
3. In the Tables Layout tab, you can modify cell size and auto-fit your contents within each cell of the table from the Cell Size and Alignment groups.

Sort data in your table
1. Select (highlight) the data you wish to sort
2. From the Table Layout Tab, select the Data group
3. From the data group select the A-Z sort and a Sort dialog box will pop open.
4. Sort columns in ascending or descending order and click OK to close the dialog box.