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Microsoft Office 2010: Working in Paragraphs


Align paragraphs
1.  Select the text you want to align
2.  On the Home Tab, navigate to the Paragraph group and click the Align Left, Center, Align Right or Justify button

Indent paragraphs
1.  Click anywhere in the paragraph you want to indent
2.  On the horizontal ruler, drag the Left Indent or Right Indent marker to
where the indent should be


Format paragraphs
1.  Click the paragraph you want to format
2.  On the Home Tab, select the Paragraph group
3.  Show the Paragraph Dialog Box by expanding the arrow facing downward to the right of the word ‘Paragraph’
4.  Within the Paragraph Dialog Box separate options are available to modify the spacing, alignment, and indentation of paragraphs

Copy one paragraph’s formatting to another paragraph
1.  Select the paragraph whose formatting you want to copy
2.  Within the Home Tab, click the Format Painter button (within the Clipboard group to the far left, the icon looks like a paint brush)
3.  Select the paragraph that you want to format

Put a border around a paragraph
1.  Click the paragraph to which you want to add a border
2.  On the Page Layout tab, click Page Borders in the Page Background group
3.  Within the Borders and Shading dialog box, click the icon of the border style you want to apply and click OK

Format paragraphs as a list
1.  Select the paragraphs you want to make into a list
2.  On the Home Tab, within the Paragraph group, click the Bullets or Numbering icon(s)