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Microsoft Office 2010: Home

About Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is a productivity suite comprised of the following included in this training guide:

  • MS Word: Word processing
  • MS Excel: Calculations speadsheet application
  • MS PowerPoint: Presentation software
  • MS Access: Relational database management tool
  • MS Publisher: Desktop publishing

    On Our Shelf

    Getting Started

    Table of Contents

             Microsoft Word

    Microsoft Excel
    • Working With Data
      • Enter and Edit Cell Data
      • Sort and Filter Data
      • Format Data
      • Format Numbers
    • Working With Cells
      • Edit Column Width and Height
      • Change Cell Design
      • Insert and Delete Rows and Columns
      • Merge and Center
    • Functions & Formulas
      • About Functions
      • About Formulas
      • The Quick & Easy AutoSum
    • Charts
      • Create & Format Charts
      • Change Chart Type
      • Format Data Labels
      • Update Chart Data
    • Managing Worksheets & Workbooks
      • Rename Worksheets
      • Change Worksheet Design
      • Add Worksheets to Workbook
    • Print Set-Up
      • Change Print Orientation & Preview
      • Add Header/Footer
      • Print with Gridlines

             Microsoft PowerPoint

             Microsoft Access

             Microsoft Publisher