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The Librarian Spy Discussion Guide: The Librarian Spy by Madeline Martin

The Librarian Spy Discussion Guide

Madeline Martin

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Madeline Martin is the New York Times and International bestselling author of WWII historical fiction as well as historical romance that spans from medieval castles to Regency ballrooms. She lives in sunny Florida with her amazing fiancé, two sweet daughters and one very spoiled cat.

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Discussion Questions


1. Which character did you relate to more—Ava or Elaine?

2. Do you think you could leave everything you know behind for a new place where you barely spoke the language?

3. After reading about the dangers the French Resistance faced, do you think you would have joined their ranks?

4. If your spouse/significant other did not want you to join the French Resistance, would you have done it anyway?

5. What did you learn in this book about WWII that you didn’t know before?

6. If you had read the same pamphlets Ava had prior to leaving for Portugal, would you have packed hats too?

7. The PVDE (Portuguese Police) kept their finger on the pulse of all international activity going on within Portugal. If you noticed they were following you, how do you think you’d react? And if you tried to lose them, how would you do it?

8. Do you think you would have been able to give up your identity papers to someone in order to save them, even though it would put you at great risk?

9. Where in Portugal do you wish you could visit after having read The Librarian Spy?

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