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Annual Report Guide: Finishing Up

Created to move all information and reports for the 47 Libraries of RCLS to one place that is always accessible.

RCLS Helpful Hints


Click on the “Show Status” button at the top of page to review “Edit Checks”, “Unanswered Questions” (change selection to: “View All Unanswered Questions”) and “Flagged Questions”.  This process is slow.  Be patient and don’t hit the buttons too fast.

Review and correct all Edit Checks.  If the data is correct, an annotation to explain is required; if there is no response in the Note field, the Edit Check will not clear.    Be careful to read the entire question.  Remember to click on “Submit Corrections” so the program recognizes that a Note was entered. 

  • A red Edit Check means stop and fix or add a Note.  
  • A green Edit Check means it does not conform, but that there is an explanation for the discrepancy in the Note field. 

Print the entire report including annotations before submitting to RCLS.  Save the report for future reference before submitting.    

Reports are due to RCLS no later than end of business on February 15, 2022. 

Stephen and Martha will review each report individually and e-mail any concerns or questions to the Director. 

Traditionally, once the report had been accepted by RCLS, we would email the report with prior year's data and notes as one pdf.  With fewer staff at RCLS, we will need to focus on completing the Systems Annual Report and therefore will not be able to provide this service.  Libraries may login and print reports that are locked on their own.

Thank you in advance for all your hard work!!

“Better information leads to better understanding, which leads to informed decision-making.”
Thomas P. DiNapoli, State Comptroller