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Annual Report Guide: 10 - Trustees

Created to move all information and reports for the 47 Libraries of RCLS to one place that is always accessible.

RCLS Helpful Hints


List all Officers and Trustees who are serving as of 02/01/2022

The best advice RCLS can provide is to review last years APPROVED Annual Report as many of the answers and required notes will be identical.  New trustees and trustees that have resigned will be different.


10.20 and Question 13 Is this trustee serving a full-term? – If No, add a Note. The Note should identify the previous trustee whose unexpired term is being filled, and should identify the beginning and ending date of the previous trustee’s term.

Example: Trustee is filling the remainder of [name]’s term, which was to run from beginning date to ending date.


10.16 - 10.20 and Questions 9-13 (Trustee Term Beginning/Ending Dates)

Indicate the beginning and end dates of the trustee's term.

If a new trustee is filling a partial term, the end date (year) may be different depending on the type of library and the method of trustee selection (election or appointment). Typically all trustees that have full terms should have terms that start in the same month (with differing years) and end in the same month (with differing years) (e.g. if the terms are based on the calendar year all trustees would have terms beginning in January and ending in December; the months should not vary from trustee to trustee if they are serving full terms).


Trustee Education:

Senate Bill S4435B  /  Signed By Governor in October 2021  /  2021-2022 Legislative Session
This bill requires library board of trustee members to complete a minimum of two hours of trustee education annually.
EFFECTIVE DATE: This act takes effect immediately

- Complete one record for each person serving as a trustee on December 31, 2021. This date is different from the first part of the Trustee section, so the trustees that you fill in may not be exactly the same as the trustees listed in the first section.

For each trustee who has participated in trustee education, please include a Note listing the training they have completed.

Examples: Sexual Harassment Prevention, Public Library Finance, etc.

The law states that, "Each member must demonstrate compliance with this section by filing evidence with the President of the library's board of trustee."  RCLS continues to tracks all Continuing Education attendance for RCLS programs.  Tracking non-RCLS programs is the responsibility of the board President or library director/staff.