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Annual Report Guide: 9 - Outlet

Created to move all information and reports for the 47 Libraries of RCLS to one place that is always accessible.

RCLS Helpful Hints


9.24 Indicate the year this outlet underwent a major renovation costing $25,000 or more. If you applied for Construction Aid and the project was $25,000 or more, then this field mostly likely will need to be updated.

9.25 Square footage of the outlet: Is now a prefilled field.  To update, add a Note. 

New Question 9.26a Reporting method for number of uses of Public Internet Computers per year.  Answer CT - Annual Count or ES - Annual estimate based on typical week(s). Note: The Outline of Major Changes has the wrong question number.

9.27 Number of uses (sessions) of public internet computers per year: The instructions advise completing a people count (bodies in front of public internet PCs) for a week and then extrapolating that number over a year.

  • Libraries using Envisionware PC Reservation can run reports through the Reporting Module.  

9.28 Type of Connection on the outlet’s public internet computers: Most RCLS member libraries use cable for their public internet. Indicate Cable even if your cable company supports their network with fiber.

  • Cornwall is using FIOS (fiber)
  • Eldred, Florida, Mamakating, Middletown, and Warwick are using DSL

9.29 – 9.30 Connection speeds: The most reliable way to answer both questions is to run a speed test. Just do a search on google “speed test”, run it and record the results.   

Or: Use the guidelines below, which are very rough estimates:

  • All libraries in Spectrum (Time/Warner) territory have a mix of bandwidth. Choose Greater than 10 mbps and less than 15 mbps.
  • Eldred, Florida, Middletown, Warwick – Choose Greater than 15 mbps and less than 25 mbps.
  • All other Cablevision libraries – Choose Greater than 25 mbps and less than 50 mbps

9.31 Internet Provider: Indicate your cable/DSL provider, not RCLS.

9.32 Wi-Fi Access: In most cases, choose Unrestricted. If you use RCLS SonicWall Ace access points, choose Password Required.

New Question 9.32a Reporting method for number for wireless sessions per year.  Answer CT - Annual Count or ES - Annual estimate based on typical week(s).  Note: The Outline of Major Changes has the wrong question number and the instructions state the wrong question.

9.33 Number of wireless sessions:  

  • If you have the SonicWall Ace access points, they have been configured to email the daily counts to someone in the library.

Entering N/A with a Note saying “Unable to determine” will not be accepted.