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Annual Report Guide: Let's Get Started

Created to move all information and reports for the 47 Libraries of RCLS to one place that is always accessible.

Log In to Your Annual Report Survey

The New York State Division of Library Development provides the link to Baker & Taylor's  Bibliostat CollectConnect where you will log in and enter your library's 2021 data. Generally, this link is unlocked and ready to use by mid-to-late-January.  Refer to their annual report page for instructions for filling out your annual report, an outline of major changes (also found in box below,) and a list of supported browsers plus helpful information if you are having difficulties accessing and using the Baker & Taylor site.   

RCLS will send out an email to notify you when the site is officially open for data entry.

Your library's login credentials are the same as last year. Please notify Stephen at RCLS if you do not remember or have lost your login information.


Log-in to Bibliostat CollectConnect to begin the report.

RCLS Helpful Hints for 2021 SAR


  • RCLS recommends that you view last year’s entries by clicking on SHOW LAST YEAR’S ANSWERS at the top right of the page.

  • For answers where the 2021 data differs substantially (about 30%) from the 2020 data, a Note will be required.  Please compare and explain the difference.

  • All questions must be answered.  Leave nothing blank. If a question does not pertain to your library and the box is looking for text data, write N/A; if the box requires a numerical entry, enter 0.

  • Watch for questions with yes or no answers. The instructions often ask for an explanation using a Note. 

  • Tab to move to the next line and skip subtotals and totals.  Total boxes will calculate automatically.  Save before leaving each page.
  • Click on the Flag, to the right of the answer box, to remind yourself to go back and review a line item.  After you are satisfied with the question/answer click the Flag again to remove the Flag.  Do not submit a report with active Flags.

  • Read the first sentence or paragraph under the Section number to determine the time frame to be used to answer various questions. Example: Question 1.36 asks for current Library Director; Section 2, Library Collections, report as of the end of the Fiscal Year, sections of Sections 3 required calendar year reporting and Trustees are reported as of 02/01/22. 

  • When logging out of the Annual Report, click on "Logout" - do not use X at the top right. 
    Be sure to SAVE your work first!


Log-in to Bibliostat CollectConnect to begin the report.

New Information from NYS Division of Library Development

Information on 2021 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries

Background - The Public Library Survey is constantly evolving to reflect more accurately what is happening in the nation’s public libraries, resulting in changes which are reflected in the Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries.  This message is to inform library systems and libraries of changes in library program questions in 2022.

New Data Elements

In the 2021 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries, there are new data elements (or “questions”) which fall under Part 3, Library Programs, Policies and Services. These changes in the Annual Report will mean that libraries will be recording some data differently and should start tracking program data differently in January 2022 or as close to then as possible. 

Programs – New Wording
What was previously called Programs is now called Synchronous Programs. Programs happening live, (which are all in-person programs and some virtual programs) are now referred to as Synchronous Program Sessions. Since the definition of a library program already included all in-person programs and live virtual programs, this revision does not change the method in which the data was previously collected.

Programs and Pre-recorded Program Sessions – Virtual
There will be four virtual program categories in the 2021 annual report:

  • Synchronous Virtual Program Sessions (live streaming)
  • Synchronous Virtual Program Attendance
  • Asynchronous Virtual Program Sessions (pre-recorded)
  • Asynchronous Virtual Program Views in First 7 Days After Posting (pre-recorded)

Programs – Definition of Children’s

Beginning in the 2021 Annual Report, there will be separate questions for ages 0-5 and ages 6-11. Previously the definition of children’s programs encompassed those offered for ages 0-11. Children’s programming is being further broken out by age.

These categories will appear in the 2021 Annual Report for Public and Association libraries.  However, for 2021, there will also still be questions for the ages 0-11 category as libraries have not been instructed to collect data in categories broken down by age.

The questions for Number of Children’s Programs and Children’s Program Attendance are being retained for one more cycle to ease the transition to this new set of data elements for synchronous programs.

Libraries should start tracking children’s programs using the 0-5 and 6-11 categories as of January 2022 or as close to then as possible.


Programs – Location
There will also be two new questions breaking out total program sessions between in-library and off-site. These will not be subdivided by age groups, and there will not be questions on attendance.


Summary and follow-up:
Libraries are not required or expected to report this data in 2021 but the questions will appear on the 2021 annual report.  Libraries are encouraged to begin collecting this data in January 2022 (or as close to then as possible.) If libraries are already collecting this data to report to their community (such as the number of asynchronous [pre-recorded] program sessions and views), they will have the opportunity to report that in the 2021 Annual Report. 


The Outline of Major Changes for Public and Association Library annual reports will be available in January.  The due date for the 2021 Public and Association Library Annual Reports and the Public Library System Annual Reports is March 15, 2022 and the due date to RCLS is February 15, 2022.