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Boy Snow Bird by Helen Oyeyemi discussion guide: Home

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Helen Oyeyemi

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Information about the author is available on her website.

Articles, Interviews, and Reviews

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Discussion Questions

Did you enjoy Boy, Snow, Bird?

Are Helen's characters realistic?  What do you make of the male characters in the book?

This is a novel that touches on lots of issues: violent abuse, racism, gender issues, family dynamics - how does Helen handle these concerns?

How much is this a book about race?  Is this a feminist book?

What parallels can you draw between Boy, Snow, Bird and the Snow White fairy tale?

Do you find any of the women in this story threatening?

Does Boy cast more spells than she is able to break?

Why do you think Boy sends Snow away?  Is Snow an unsettling character or an innocent victim?

'I don't look the way I feel' - What degree of control can Boy, Snow and Bird exert over their reflections?

"It's not whiteness itself that sets Them against Us, but the worship of whiteness [...] we beat Them (and spare ourselves a lot of tedium and terror) by declining to worship" - How political is Boy, Snow, Bird?

"nobody ever warned me about mirrors, so for many years I was fond of them, and believed them to be trustworthy. I’d hide myself away inside them, setting two mirrors up to face each other so that when I stood between them I was infinitely reflected in either direction"

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