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SmarterMail : Passwords

RCLS Tips and Tricks, Mailing List Info

How to Change your Password

  • Log in to your e-mail
  • Scroll down the left side and click on the gears: Settings
  • Put in a new password (2x to confirm it)
  • Click on Save

Password rules:

  • Minimum Password Length of 8 characters
  • Requires a number in the password
  • Requires a capital letter in the password
  • Requires a lower case letter in the password



How to prevent your e-mail from getting hacked

Do not open unfamiliar emails. If you open one you think is from someone you know but realize it's not, delete immediately. Do not click any links or attachments in the message. DO NOT send your login information or personal information - even if requested by an e-mail administrator. RCLS will never request your login data!

Make sure your passwords, plus security questions and answers are strong. Every six months, change your passwords. Never use the same password for different accounts.