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6th Grade Ancient Civilization Exploration: Researching Ancient Civilizations at the Nyack Library

Doing Middle School Research at The Nyack Library

Welcome to the Nyack Library Ancient Civilizations page!  

Here are some things you should know about doing research at the Nyack Library.

  • Book resources for Middle School students are found in both the Children's and Teen Rooms.  This is due to the limited amount of shelving space in the Teen Room - much of our nonfiction collection for Middle Schoolers is still shelved in the Children's Room.  
  • For example, the book The First Book of Ancient Mesopotamia and Persia has the Dewey number J 913.35 ROB.  You will know the item is shelved in the Children's Room because it has the letter "J" before the Dewey Decimal number.  
  • If the item is shelved in the Teen Room it will have the letters "YA" before the Dewey Decimal number  (for example, the book Mesopotamia: The Mighty Kings has the Dewey number YA 935 MES.)
  • Occasionally you may find appropriate book materials in our Adult Nonfiction collection, where the books are catalogued with a simple decimal number with no letter preface (for example, the book The Aegean Civilizations has the Dewey number 938.01 WAR.)

Dewey Numbers for Ancient History

The Dewey Decimal system organizes information so that books on a similar topic are shelved together.  When you are looking for information about a specific culture in Ancient History, the following Dewey Decimal call numbers will help you.

930   History of the Ancient World to ca. 499 A.D.

   931   China to 420 A.D. 
 934   India to 647 A.D.
   935   Mesopotamia and the Iranian Plateau to 637 A.D.
939   Other parts of the ancient world to ca. 640 A.D., including Africa


Other Helpful Dewey Areas

Some information on Ancient Life is shelved in other Dewey sections.  If you are researching information on Daily Life, the following sections may also be helpful to you.

391   Clothing Styles   

509   Science of the Ancient World

608   Invention and Technology

610   Medicine

709   Art

796   Olympics


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