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Downloading ebooks, audiobooks, and movies - a how-to: Home

New Digital Content

Web-based e-books

Learn more about the newest service from our library's e-book vendor that is coming to our patrons. You will be able to read books downloaded from the library directly from your web browser (Chrome, Safari, IE, Opera, etc). Your browser must support HTML5 and CSS (i.e., be a modern web browser). Enjoy your loans on any computer, tablet or mobile device with Internet access. Click to learn more.


Do you wish you could receive recommendations based on titles and authors or even subjects you love? You can with Overdrive. Search for a title/author/subject. Click on the cover art of an e-book or e-audio download you choose and underneath the tile you will see a list of recommendations. Personalized reader's advisory in the digital world!

Read Your Library E-Books on a Windows 8

The Overdrive app is now designed and updated to allow our users to enjoy e-books on Windows 8 desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. So if you just upgraded your platform, all you need to do is download our library's e-book app and start selecting titles.

The Windows 8 app is available for download in the Windows Store and also on our OMC page.

Your E-Content - Updates

Check out the 'My Help' feature

The My Help icon provides links to "custom" information based on the formats that you want to download (audiobooks, eBooks, music, video) and your computer or device model (Windows, Mac, Android, NOOK, etc). 

How can I get more information on the 'My Help' features?

OMC and Linux

Breaking News

May 2015 Changes to Overdrive:

OverDrive is sunsetting the WMA and WMV media formats. By simplifying the available formats to only MP3 for audiobook downloads and streaming for video, users can easily enjoy every audio and video title in your collection on the world’s most popular devices—the Apple® iPad™ and iPhone™.

All audiobook, music, and video titles that do not have an MP3 or streaming video equivalent, respectively, will be removed from your library’s digital collection on Tuesday, May 19. The process will begin at 8:00 AM US Eastern Time and may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate.


August 2014 Changes to Overdrive:

1. Recommendations. Our digital download center now recommends title in both e-book and audio formats based on prior download history. Discover titles that match your reading and listening interest.

2. Hold Suspensions. eContent can now be placed on hold at a time most convenient for you. You will stay in your place on the hold list but the title will not become available before you are. Simply navigate to your  holds and then your hold options as shown below:


3. Auto Check-Out. This feature allows for titles you placed on hold to automatically download to your Overdrive account when they become available. To activate this feature, navigate to your Holds and then edit your auto checkout option to "On."

BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10, and Playback users: Our e-book/e-audiobook app for Blackberry is no longer available. Our BlackBerry users with the app previously installed will be able to continue downloading e-content but there will be no updates. This is due to a decline in downloads from a BlackBerry device. Focus will be on more popular platforms to include Apple and Android.


The next version of the app that allows our patrons to enjoy e-books and e-audio on their Android and iOS devices has been designed. The interface is re-designed and new features have been added to include the ability to sync reading progress across devices.

Apple users: If you have upgraded to iOS7, you will need to re-install the Overdrive Media Console App (from 3.0 or 3.0.1 to 3.0.2). This upgrade will address issues found between the older versions of the app and iOS7. Please note that once you upgrade, you will be prompted to re-authorize your Adobe account the first time you download an ebook to the newly installed app.

System Requirements: OMC v3.0 for Android users requires Android OS v4.0 (or newer). OMC for Android v2.6.5 will remain available for download. OMC for iOS requires iOS 6 (or newer).

Syncing: If you have an Apple, Android, or Windows 8 smartphone or tablet, you will be able to sync your e-book account from Adobe across device apps. This means that you will only need to register for an Adobe ID and enter it into one device. When you log into all other devices, your Overdrive Media Console will automatically be activated to download e-books. Just make sure you install the free app on all your Android, Apple and Windows 8 phones, phablets, and tablets.

Click here to download directions to download, install and search for titles within the Overdrive Media Console App.

News: Windows 8 Compatibility


In January 2014, the desktop version of Overdrive Media Console (OMC) for Windows and the app for Windows 8 have been updated. Download NOW

 Why upgrade? With the new version of the app, you can burn audiobooks to a CD (when permitted) or transfer them to an MP3 player. 


Overdrive News and New Features


Kindle Fire Users can now download the library's e-book app directly from the Amazon App store.

Kindle Fire users no longer need to side-load their devices and access their e-books via a USB cord and a computer. The app, called the Overdrive Media Console app, is now available in the Amazon App Store for Android as a FREE download. Check out a demo:


NOOK HD, NOOK HD+, NOOK Tablet™ and NOOK Color™ owners can now take advantage of the library's app, which allows device owners to download e-books and MP3 e-audio directly and wirelessly without the need to transfer titles via USB from a computer application. Last week, Barnes & Noble added the OverDrive Media Console app to the NOOK Apps™ storefront