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Research Databases for Students: Why Use Library Databases?

This guide empowers students, parents, and teachers with the tools and resources necessary to complete research or homework assignments utilizing library research databases and library materials effectively

What are Databases?

database contains information.

You use a database (on a computer) to find information on a topic.


A database is NOT the same as a website!

Why Use Library Databases?

The Internet has a lot of information. It can be difficult to find articles and good information. That's where databases can help! In fact, there are good reasons to use databases instead of searching the Web:

  • Databases are easy, fast, and usually full of very good information!

  • Many articles in databases are "peer-reviewed"--this means experts approved the articles.

  • Databases can save you money! Many articles on the web cost money.

  • Databases let you search and browse by topic, date, author, and other fields.

If you need to do some serious research, databases are often a great choice!

Newburgh Free Library also offers free access to complete encyclopedias and special reference books both in the library (in print and electronic form) and at our website. Many reference materials you can access online from home.

Please inquire at our Reference Department or Youth Services to learn more about all of the free services we offer!

Where Can You Find Databases?

Databases are available for free through the library's website!

  • Newburgh Free Library's Website can be found at  .

  • Once there, just click on the RESEARCH & INFO tab and then Research Databases.

  • Scroll through the databases by name or select a specific topic to narrow your search.

  • You can also find the library's databases on this libguide categorized by grade level.

  • Some databases are available only at the library. Each database page lets you know if you can access that database outside of the library--for example: at home, if you have Internet access.

  • If you can access a database at home, you just need to log in using your library card's number.

  • If you do not have a library card, please ask your parent or guardian to stop by the Circulation Desk and find out how to get one. A library card is free and very important!


Curious to find out what information you can access from online databases?

Try out Newburgh Free Library's Online Database Scavenger Hunt!

Download the PDF below and follow the step-by-step directions to gain insight and understanding into the wide world of databases and research.

It's fun, and a great way to practice researching!