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Get creative at the Haverstraw Library makerspace!

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About Makerspaces

Makerspaces are places where people come together to create and make items from crafts and cooking, to more technological projects such as programming and 3D printing. Makerspaces are havens to tinker, learn, have fun, and to share your project with others. They may be a space in one's home, school or local library and may take up a whole building or just a small corner of a room. Wherever you make something, that is a makerspace and Haverstraw Library is one such location.

The people who create in makerspaces are called makers. They may also be called tinkerers, hackers, DIYers (Do It Yourself) and inventors. Makerspaces may also be called hackerspaces as well.

The wonderful part about makerspaces is that anyone and everyone can participate and join in! Regardless of your age, gender, or background - makerspaces are for you. All you have to bring is your curiosity, willingness to learn and your creativity. In makerspaces, experience is not necessary and beginners are always welcome! 

Makerspace Gallery


Science Squad


Science Squad


Science Squad


Teen Makes Gingerbread Houses


Teen Makes Minis


Robot Creation


Robot Creation


Rocket Science


Rocket Science


LEGO Building, Kids K'NEX & littleBits


LEGO Building, Kids K'NEX & littleBits














Children's Crafts


Children's Crafts


Children's Crafts


Children's Crafts


Children's Crafts


Children's Crafts

Makerspace Programs at Haverstraw Library

Haverstraw Library has held and is currently holding numerous makerspace programs such as:

  • Art Design with Scratch
  • Breakerspace *NEW*
  • Cooking with Chef Nate
  • Drop-In Craft
  • Knitting Club
  • LEGO Building, Kids K'NEX & littleBits
  • Minecraft Challengers
  • Science Squad
  • Wee Craft Together

For a full list of makerspace programs going on right now at Haverstraw Library, check out our events calendar. If you would like to see a particular makerspace program, feel free to email us or drop by at the Adult or Youth Services Reference desk and let us know in person. We would love to hear your suggestions!


"littleBits is a platform of easy-to-use electronic building blocks that empower you to invent anything, from your own remote controlled car, to a smart home device. The Bits snap together with magnets, no soldering, no wiring, no programming needed."

How it Works

littleBits are a new addition to the Haverstraw Library as of January 2016. We are currently offering our young patrons a go at them in our LEGOs, Kids K'NEX and littleBits program but we are looking into expanding programs for teens and up. If you are interested in having a try at them or would like to see more littleBits programs, please drop by the Adult or Youth Services Reference desk and let us know what you think! 

Check our events calendar for the next scheduled program involving littleBits. We would love to hear your input! In the meantime, check out some cool projects we did with littleBits below:

For more videos of littleBits projects you can try, check out our YouTube channel.

Make It Yourself!
Now that you've seen what littleBits can do above, check out the instructions below and try them yourselves!


Scratch is a free programming language that makes it easy to create interactive art, stories, simulations, and games - and share those creations online. Scratch is a great way to learn how to program for anyone interested regardless of programming experience or age.

Haverstraw Library began offering Scratch programs starting Summer 2015 with our CS First Art with Scratch and later Art Design with Scratch program for our young patrons. If you would like to see more Scratch programs, please let us know via email or drop by any of the reference desks at either library building.

Origins of Scratch
Scratch was inspired and named after the method hip-hop DJs use to mix and scratch records to create new and unique music.

Scratch Mascot
Scratch's mascot is a cat named Scratchy. Scratchy is the first sprite; or image; that appears whenever you start a new Scratch project. As a sprite, you can move Scratchy, change it's appearance, and allow interaction. 

3D Printing

3D printing allows you to print out a digital model into a tangible object using an additive process which builds up layers from the bottom up. Materials used to create these printed objects tend to be plastic but include other materials such as food, metal, and even biological tissues.

Haverstraw Library is has recently purchased some 3D "printer" pens. You may find out more about this wonderful new tool below! Better yet, come in and give them a try at our new 3-D Fun! program where children in grades 4-7 can try this cool tool out. Please check our events calendar for dates and times.

We would love to hear your input regarding the programs and general public use you would like to see occur for our 3D printers. Send us an email or drop by the Adult or Youth Services reference desk and tell us what you think!

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