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Health and Wellness @ HKDPL: General Health

Do NOT use Wikipedia!

Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate resource for consumer health Information

1. Anyone can write entries or add information to Wikipedia. The contents is not necessarily created by experts in the field and may not be accurate.

2. There is no regulation as to how often Wikipedia pages are updated. The information provided could be out of date.

3. Wikipedia entries are not written with the consumer in mind. They often contain technical terms and very scientific content.

What makes a website a good source of information?

So, don't use Wikipedia...what do you use? All the websites on this page are from either governement, college, or medical entities that are established and fact based. One way to determine just how good a site is, is accreditation.

What is accreditation?
Accreditation is a process by which an impartial organization will review a company's operations to ensure that the company is conducting business in a manner consistent with national standards.

The two acceditation symbols you should look for at the bottom of the page are:

"The HONcode certification is an ethical standard aimed at offering quality health information. It demonstrates the intent of a website to publish transparent information. The transparency of the website will improve the usefulness and objectivity of the information and the publishment of correct data".

"URAC accredits many types of health care organizations. It depends on the functions they carry out. We have a number of different accreditation programs, some that review the entire organization, such as the health plan standards, and some that focus on quality within a single functional area in an organization, e.g. case management or credentialing".


Rockland County Department of Health Clinics

The Department of Health offers a wide range of Clinics to families and individuals to assist them. Services include:

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This page has been created to serve as a guide for finding reliable, authoratative, and easily accessable information on health care resources for the consumer.

General Health Care Resources

Links below are resources for general health information.  These resources cannot and should not take the place of your health care provider.

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