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Gardening for Gourmets  

It's springtime! Here you will find books to help you start your garden for a whole summer of tasty vegetables, and ideas for using them while they're at their peak of freshness.
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How to Start a Vegetable Garden

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Eat More Dirt - Ellen Sandbeck
Call Number: 635.0484 SAN
ISBN: 9780767909204
A witty, whimsical gardening primer for anyone who wants to tend their patch of earth with a truly green thumb.

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Homegrown Harvest - American Horticultural Society Staff; Rita Pelczar (As told to)
Call Number: 635 HOM
ISBN: 9781845335601
Written by the American Horticultural Society's foremost fruit, vegetable and herb experts,Homegrown Harvestprovides lifestyle-changing advice that gardeners need for growing a year-round supply of healthy edible crops for their table. From apples and asparagus, raspberries to radishes, this book shows how to apply age-old techniques in a timely fashion, to get the most from your plot.

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Kitchen Garden - Alan Toogood; Benjamin (Editor); Lucy Peel
Call Number: 635 PEE
ISBN: 9780060733384
Comprehensive information on vegetables, fruit, herbs, and edible flowers. Clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for key tasks

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The Gourmet Gardener - Bob Flowerdew
Call Number: 635.0484 FLO
ISBN: 9781856265386
In 'The Gourmet Gardener' Bob Flowerdew explains how readers can grow produce of a quality and flavour unavailable in the shop, concentrating on the varieties that will give the greatest return in terms of superior taste and enjoyment.

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The Veggie Gardener's Answer Book - Barbara W. Ellis
Call Number: 635 ELL
ISBN: 9781603420242
Gardeners will find helpful, uncomplicated responses to questions on planning and planting a vegetable garden, improving soil, caring for crops, and organically controlling pests and diseases.

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The Week-by-Week Vegetable Gardening Handbook - Ron Kujawski; Jennifer Kujawski
Call Number: 635 KUJ
ISBN: 9781603426947
Timing is everything, they say, and vegetable gardening is no exception. Knowing exactly when to start seeds indoors, what day to transplant them into the ground, when to pinch off the blossoms, and when to pick for peak flavor is the secret to enjoying bountiful harvests all through the gardening season.

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Your Organic Garden - Jeff Cox; Rodale Press Garden Books Editors; Jeff Cox
Call Number: 635.0484 COX
ISBN: 9780875966243
Featuring down-to-earth, no-nonsense advice that will appeal to gardeners everywhere -- from beginner to advanced.

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The Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers - Terri Dunn Chace
Call Number: 635 DUN
ISBN: 9781604692358
The Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers identifies the 100 most common gardening mistakes and gives gardeners the techniques to prevent them. Or, if it's too late and they've already goofed, there are tips to fix the mistake. This accessible guide will transform an anxious gardener into an informed, confident, successful gardener with a mistake-free garden

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Grow Cook Eat - Willi Galloway; Jim Henkens (Photographer)
Call Number: 635 GAL
ISBN: 9781570617317
From sinking a seed into the soil through to sitting down to enjoy a meal made with vegetables and fruits harvested right outside your back door, this gorgeous kitchen gardening book is filled with practical, useful information for both novices and seasoned gardeners alike.


Urban Farming

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City Farmer - Lorraine Johnson
Call Number: 630.9173 JOH
ISBN: 9781553655190
City Farmer celebrates the new ways that urban dwellers are getting closer to their food. Not only are backyard vegetable plots popping up in places long reserved for lawns, but some renegades are even planting their front yards with food. People in apartments are filling their balconies with pots of tomatoes, beans, and basil, while others are gazing skyward and "greening" their rooftops with food plants. Still others are colonizing public spaces, staking out territory in parks for community gardens and orchards, or convincing school boards to turn asphalt school grounds into "growing" grounds

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Farm City - Novella Carpenter
Call Number: 630.9173 CAR
ISBN: 9781594202216
Urban and rural collide in this wry, inspiring memoir of a woman who turned a vacant lot in downtown Oakland into a thriving farm.

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The Seed Underground - Janisse Ray
Call Number: 631.521 RAY
ISBN: 9781603583060
The Seed Undergroundis a journey to the frontier of seed-saving. It is driven by stories, both the author's own and those from people who are waging a lush and quiet revolution in thousands of gardens across America to preserve our traditional cornucopia of food by simply growing old varieties and eating them.


Heirloom Vegetables

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Growing Heirloom Vegetables - The Beginner's Guide - Marie Iannotti
Call Number: 635 IAN
ISBN: 9781604691887
Heirloom vegetables often have a great story behind them, but it's really all about the flavor.

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The Heirloom Life Gardener - Meghan Sutherland; Jere Gettle; Emilee Gettle
Call Number: 635 GET
ISBN: 9781401324391
In The Heirloom Life Gardner Jere Gettle, founder of the Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company; will bring his encyclopedic knowledge to every kind of gardener -- experienced pros and novices alike. In his friendly voice, complemented by gorgeous photographs, he'll give planting, growing, harvesting, and seed saving tips on amazing heirloom varieties that many people have never seen.



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How to Build, Maintain, and Use a Compost System - Kelly Smith
Call Number: 635.987 SMI
ISBN: 9781601383549
Some of the best fertilizer on the planet can be made with your very own garbage. Starting with something as simple as coffee grounds - a top composting product - and including all of your old banana peels, bread crusts, and leftover meals, you can start creating a garden with your food waste from scratch, using the age old secret of composting to build a healthy, happy garden.

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Let It Rot! - Stu Campbell; Kim Foster (Editor)
Call Number: 631.875 CAM
ISBN: 0882666355
In 1975, Let it Rot! helped start the composting movement and taught gardeners everywhere how to recycle waste to create soil-nourishing compost. Contains advice for starting and maintaining a composting system, building bins, and using compost. Third Edition. 267,000 copies in print.

Cover Art
The Complete Compost Gardening Guide - Barbara Pleasant; Deborah L. Martin
Call Number: 631.875 PLE
ISBN: 9781580177023
A natural Six-Way Compost Gardening System provides the ruling principles for successfully improving every garden with healthy compost. These methods are sure to help gardeners turn average vegetable plots into rich incubators of healthy produce, bursting with fresh flavor, and flower beds into rich tapestries of bountiful blooms all season long.


Herb Gardens

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Cook's Herb Garden - Dorling Kindersley Publishing Staff
Call Number: 635.7 COX
ISBN: 9780756658694
With a catalog of 150 different culinary herbs and their varieties, more than 30 recipes, step-by-step photographs on how to plant, nurture, harvest, and store, and flavor charts that list the best herbs to partner with popular ingredients, The Cook's Herb Gardenshows you how to grow your own supply of herbs whether on a window ledge, in pots, on the patio, or in a vegetable garden.

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New Book of Herbs - Jekka McVicar
Call Number: 635.7 MCV
ISBN: 9780789489425
This lavishly illustrated A-Z reference is a must have for gardeners or anyone interested in the role of fresh herbs in a healthy lifestyle. A unique and innovative combination of cookbook, gardening guide, and organic reference, New Book of Herbs illustrates how growing and using fresh herbs can enhance ones home, health, and garden.

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The Successful Herb Gardener - Sally Roth; Jonathan Edwards; Country Living Gardener Staff
Call Number: 635.7 ROT
ISBN: 9781588160744
Inveterate gardener Roth dispenses advice on herb growing from start to finish, including: determining which climates, amounts of light, soil conditions and drainage are compatible with which herbs; prepping the soil and planting; using tools; controlling weeds and pests (both organically and conventionally); harvesting and storing.


Container Gardens

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Container Kitchen Garden - Anthony Atha
Call Number: 635.986 ATH
ISBN: 9781855857841
Fill your kitchen with homegrown produce! With containers, even the smallest outside space can become a garden bursting with delicious organic fruits, vegetables, and fragrant herbs. Use them to cook, to make beauty preparations, and to decorate.

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Grow Great Grub - Gayla Trail
Call Number: 635.0484 TRA
ISBN: 9780307452016
Your patio, balcony, rooftop, front stoop, boulevard, windowsill, planter box, or fire escape is a potential fresh food garden waiting to happen. InGrow Great Grub, Gayla Trail, the founder of the leading online gardening community (, shows you how to grow your own delicious, affordable, organic edibles virtually anywhere

Cover Art
Small-Space Container Gardens - Fern Richardson
Call Number: 635.986 RIC
ISBN: 9781604692419
Publication Date: 2012-03-06
This exciting guide layers practical gardening fundamentals with creative solutions that encourage thinking outside the pot. From design basics to essential plant picks, "Small-Space Container Gardens" proves one doesn't need a yard to have a garden.

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The Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible - Edward C. Smith
Call Number: 635.986 SMI
ISBN: 9781603429757
By growing vegetables in containers, even novice gardeners can reap a bounty of organic food in very small spaces. Anyone can harvest tomatoes on a patio, produce a pumpkin in a planter, or grow broccoli on a balcony - it's easy! Ed Smith shows you how to choose the right plants, select containers and tools, care for plants throughout the growing season, control pests without chemicals, and much more.


Pests and Problems

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Garden Problem Solver - Pippa Greenwood; Anna Kruger (Editor)
Call Number: 635 GRE
ISBN: 9780789483805
With hundreds of illustrations, this easy-to-use guide shows you exactly what the problem looks like, tells you what to do, and how to prevent it from happening again. There's something for everyone, whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out.

Cover Art
Vegetable Garden Problem Solver - Fern Marshall Bradley
Call Number: 635.049 BRA
ISBN: 9781594863080
With a wealth of information and tested advice, this problem-solving treasure gives gardeners every-thing they need to do battle with garden pests, diseases, and weeds - with safe, natural solutions.

Cover Art
What's Wrong with My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It)? - David Deardorff; Kathryn Wadsworth
Call Number: 635.049 DEA
ISBN: 9780881929614
What's Wrong With My Plant? (And How Do I Fix It?) provides an easy system for visually diagnosing any problem, and matching it to the right cure.

Cover Art
What's Wrong with My Vegetable Garden? - David Deardorff; Kathryn Wadsworth
Call Number: 635. DEA
ISBN: 9781604692839
What's Wrong With My Vegetable Garden? teaches you how to keep your vegetables healthy so they're less susceptible to attack, and when problems do occur, it shows you how to recognize the problem and find the right organic solution.

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