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Freegal and eMusic @HKDPL: Freegal

Quick summary

Freegal users:

  • Can download 3 songs per week
  • Can log in from anywhere
  • Must use their library card and pin number
  • Must access Freegal through the HKDPL site
  • Can download the Freegal App
  • Can move songs from the computer to a mobile device


Freegal is compatible with PCs, Macs and MP3 devices. There is no need to install any software on your computer. The songs can be played in iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Music tracks are downloaded as MP3 files and can be permanently saved on your computer. If you have iTunes you can store the files there.

You can re-download songs if necessary until the end of the 2nd week after your initial download.

You can also download to portable devices with the Freegal app. Please see the Freegal App section of this guide.


Searching tips

Browse: by genres, featured artists, or top lists.

Keyword: use the search box at top of the home page by artist name or song title, album or composer.

Advanced Search allows for more options.

Bands whose names begin with "The" are alphabetized under the letter "T."

If you can’t find an artist that you know is with Sony, try typing the artist’s name in caps.

Some artists have been catagorized by their first name, not their last. Try searching both ways.

If you don't find the artist on the first try, try searching for the title of one of their songs.

Contact us

Need more help? Comments or suggestions?

If you would like further assistance using Freegal, or have comments or suggestions regarding this site, please contact us.

What is Freegal?

Freegal is a music database about 3 million songs from Sony and many other labels, providing music from tens of thousands of artists in over 160 musical genres.

HKDPL's subscription allows library cardholders to download up to three songs each week. Each song has a sample clip you can listen to, to decide if you want to download it.

All songs downloaded from the Freegal Music site can be kept for as long as you like when you save them onto your computer.

Freegal Music songs are DRM-free MP3s and will work with almost every portable device.

How do I access Freegal?

HKDPL cardholders can access Freegal from the Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library web site, using their library card number and PIN. It’s accessible from anywhere within the United States.

Access Freegal via the link on the main page. In the search box on the right hand column of the page, click on Music Downloads. This will redirect you to the Freegal sign in box. Please do not bookmark the page in your browser or smart phone as it needs to go through the library's page to gain access.

Freegal requires authentication with a library card number and PIN in the library and outside of the library.

Get the Freegal App

Get the App

A Freegal app is available for iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Android devices.


Android Download the app for Android devices from Google Play.

  • go to Google Play on your android device to search for, download & install the app.

iOS Download the app for iPods, iPhones, and iPads, from the App Store.

  • go to the App Store on your apple device to search for, download & install the app.


How It Works

Download the app to your mobile device.

Once installed, find the Haverstraw King's Daughters Public Library.

Enter your library card number and PIN.

Browse, search, and download music directly to your mobile device.

You can download up to 3 tracks per week.


If you wish to save a song on your computer as well as onto your device, you have two options:

  • You can re-download the same song to your computer if you visit the Freegal site within 2 weeks of downloading a song.
  • To re-download, sign in to Freegal and click the "Recent Downloads" link.
  • You can download it to your computer first, and then transfer it to your device.

About us

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Subject Guide

Trouble shooting

Where did my song go?

The downloaded songs may be automatically stored in different places, depending on the operating system you are using, the type of browser you are using, and the way your computer is configured to handle mp3 files.

Here are some techniques that may help you locate the mp3 files you have downloaded to your computer:

  • There may be a folder on your computer called "Downloads" that contains the mp3 files you downloaded from Freegal.
  • If your computer is set up to automatically open mp3 files in iTunes, let iTunes manage the file location for you.
  • Use your computer's Search capability to locate your files.  Search for your Freegal mp3 file is by typing in the artist's last name, or a distinctive word from the song title.

Can't log in to Freegal?

Make sure you are visiting the Freegal site from the HKDPL web page. Do not bookmark the Freegal music web site and attempt to login from a bookmark on your browser.