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Adult Summer Reading 2017: Book BINGO help

Book Bingo Challenge

Thank you for participating in our Book Bingo Challenge!  It is just that - intended to be challenging, but if you get stuck, here are many resources for book lists, links to our catalog, etc. 

We hope to get you reading a little bit outside your comfort zone, but most importantly, HAVE FUN!

A Book about Plants or Nature

Click here for many more BOOKS ABOUT PLANTS.

Click here for more books about NATURE.

A Book with a Face on the Cover

A Book Featuring Travel

For many more books featuring travel, CLICK HERE.

A Book with a Latino/a Main Character

A Book with a Non-Human Character

Current Events

A Graphic Novel or Comic Book

For our very extensive list of graphic novels for adult (owned by the library) CLICK HERE.

A Banned Book

For more information about banned books, Banned Books Week, censorship, and an extensive list of banned and challenged books, CLICK HERE.

A Bestseller

The best sellers don't have to be current best sellers, but if you want some ideas, here is the link to the list for this week.

A Book Set in a Faraway Place

This category can be books about any faraway place - real, imagined, or extraterrestrial.  Travel to someplace interesting!

A Book Written by a Person of Color

For an extensive list of other authors of color, CLICK HERE.

A Book that is More than 1 1/2" Thick

A Book Based on a True Story