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Video Games: Leveling Up: Tournaments

Many libraries now support gaming, but how can you level up your offerings?

Quick Tourneys

It's so easy to have a tournament. I set up 3 minute quarters to make the games go by fairly quickly. I had the kids pick teams out of a hat. FIFA Soccer or Forza Motorsport racing games work well too.

I also had a contest one day to see who could make the biggest ball of stuff and gave out prizes. I just used the demo of the game as it gave each kid 3 minutes.




New Rock Band and Guitar Hero!



Multiplayer online battle arena

DotA 2  (Defence of the Ancients)

Heroes of the Storm

Rocket League on Playstation 4

Rocket League is a physics-based vehicle soccer video game developed and published by Psyonix.

Soccer mashup with cars? Yes please!


Professional Tournaments:

Major League Gaming


League of Legends has 27 million players daily. There are more Americans playing LoL than baseball.

Gamers (60% of population, average age is 31 according to ESA) eSports, Twitch, LoL Tournaments


League of Legends

Card Games