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Video Games Programs for Libraries: Minecraft Challenges

Video Games at the Libraries

Winner of the 2015 Minecraft Challenge

Minecraft Challenge 2015

Minecraft Challenge 2015

This year we will create a Superhero Hideout or Secret Volcano Lair! We have Minecraft for the PS4 and 3 controllers. Participants must create a tour video of their creation and upload it to YouTube.


Dianne - Warwick   (borrowing kit)

Carolyn - Wallkill (using their PS4)

Anna - Washingtonville (borrowing kit)

Joanna - Monticello (borrowing kit)


I found this on a Minecraft forum and it cracked me up! Ideas for your Secret Volcano Lair

:Spider: A war room with a big maps and a conference table area for my evil council of evilness
:Spider: A big imposing throne room with lava walls
:Spider: Evil luxury quarters for me to sleep in, evilly
:Spider: A retractable dome with a big TNT-cannon super-weapon inside
:Spider: Barracks for my minions and armies of darkishness
:Spider: A seedy pub near the barracks to function as a break room
:Spider: Squid-pool (because there are no frickin' sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their frickin' heads in Minecraft)
:Spider: Mad science lab
:Spider: Dungeons with torture chambers and booby traps and such (probably near the mad science lab, so as to make it more convenient to use prisoners in extremely unethical experiments)
:Spider: Volcano
:Spider: Computer room
:Spider: Monorail system
:Spider: Storage Warehouse
:Spider: Secret escape route
:Spider: Security checkpoint near the entrance, to keep those pesky heroes out
:Spider: Hanger for evil vehicles such as planes and tanks and such (not actual usable vehicles, obviously)
:Spider: Main reactor
:Spider: Missile silo (possibly in the volcano)
:Spider: Armory
:Spider: Underground bunker
:Spider: TV studio for broadcasting my threats to the UN, or every TV in the world, or whatever, complete with high tech broadcasting equipment
:Spider: Kennel for the hounds, which I can release
:Spider: Place to do evil culty rituals with my evil cult
:Spider: Surveillance room

Videos of Submissions 2014

Congrats to our winner in 2014 - Albert Wisner Library in Warwick, NY.

They built a copy of their library. See the winning entry below. Thanks to all for participating!

Contest Rules

For more info: http://guides.rcls.org/gamekits

Please be flexible, the kit has to come back to RCLS and then sent back out to the next library. While I tried to give enough time in between libraries, there are all kinds of anomolies in the delivery (thanks to those guys btw).

You have up to 2 weeks to have the kids collaborate. Focus on the outside first and then the inside if you have time.

Make a movie tour of your creation and upload it to YouTube.

If using the kit, name the library the same as yours and save it to the hard drive.
Voters will be all participating librarians,  Randy and I.

Winner should be announced in early September