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Research Databases for Students: Glossary Research Terms

This guide empowers students, parents, and teachers with the tools and resources necessary to complete research or homework assignments utilizing library research databases and library materials effectively

Glossary of Research Terms

Academic Journal
A subject-specific publication published periodically and edited by experts in the journal subject area.  Find journal articles by searching Academic OneFile or EBSCO.

A website where an author or group of authors write ongoing commentary, usually about a particular subject.  

Databases are sometimes called the "deep web" or "invisible web" because their information is accessible via fee-based subscriptions using passwords and isn't usually indexed by search engines such as Google. Database records are organized using a variety of indexes such as author and subject but are keyword searchable as well.  Databases are either subject specific such as Country Watch or content specific such as the newspaper and magazine database through Newburgh Free Library.  

An audio broadcast usually aired on a regular schedule.  You can subscribe to podcasts or download them onto portable audio devices.  TED talks are great to listen to and offer information on a wide variety of subjects by topic experts.


A very short blog entry (150 characters) using a website called Twitter.  During protests in Iran Tweets were the only way news was getting out.  Read this article in Time Magazine about Twitter and breaking news. 


A website where people can collaborate on a document or collection of information.  One of the most visited sites on the Internet is Wikipedia.