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Small Business Web Tools & Resources: Finance

A collection of free (or cheap) web tools for the small business owner to get a handle on organization, ecommerce, and finance.

Get Paid

People expect to be able to pay with their credit and debit cards, but what if you're out and away from the office? What if you don't have a traditional registed with a card scanner? Square to the rescue. This handy gadget turns your smartphone or iPad into a tiny mobile register, for a flat rate of 2.75% per transaction.


Wace IconWave offers a suite of tools for small businesses. The accounting and invoicing apps are free. 


Mint aggregates all of your online financial accounts into one place. It's designed for personal use, but it will also serve a small business well. You can set spending goals, savings goals, and even generate helpful charts to see exactly where your money is going each month. It's a great to tool to plan spending, and to curb unecessary expenditures.

Note that Mint requires your account information to function correctly, but guarantees security. There is no way to transfer money using Mint.

Write a Business Plan

If you are going to seek funding from a financial institution to start your business, you will need to have a business plan to present. This is guiding document that projects the first 3 - 5 years of the life of your business. The Small Business Administration has an excellent section on writing a business plan, as well as information on loans and grants and how to apply for them. offers business plan templates and useful examples of other business plans. Get inspired!

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