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Small Business Web Tools & Resources: Collaboration

A collection of free (or cheap) web tools for the small business owner to get a handle on organization, ecommerce, and finance.


Free video calls. Conference with up to ten people at once, and share your screen with them. Skype is a great way to host a meeting between people who may be miles apart. Use it in conjunction with Google Drive to edit a presentation or document while brainstorming together.


Trello is a visual organization tool that you can share with your team so that everyone stays on the same page. Instead of an endless number of back-and-forth emails, Trello provides information on the status of projects and   to-dos that anyone can see from wherever they are.

Google Drive

Here it is again, the ever useful Google Drive. Share documents with employees and work on them at the same time, perfect for brainstorming remotely or hashing out next year's budget. Use with Skype for an awesome meeting even when you're not in proximity.

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