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Small Business Web Tools & Resources: Organization

A collection of free (or cheap) web tools for the small business owner to get a handle on organization, ecommerce, and finance.


Dropbox is a tool to keep your files synced across multiple computers and devices. Dropbox offers apps for both Android and iOS. It differs from Google Drive in that it doesn't offer the built in ability to work on your files--your target computer or device must have the compatible software installed. The free Dropbox account offers 2 Gigabytes of storage space, and premium accounts are available for business users who need more.

Tomato Timer

Based on the Pomodoro Technique, this little mobile friendly web tool can help you get more done in less time by really focusing on the task at hand. Blocks of time are spent working, and then breaks are given for some mental relief. The Tomato Timer can help you avoid constant distraction and sub-par work.

Google Drive

You're going to want your documents available no matter where you're working, whether you're out and about or just working at a different computer. Invoices, estimates, budgeting spreadsheets, and to-do lists should never be far away. With Google Drive, everything you need is available wherever there's wifi or smartphone service. You can even share documents with employees and work on them at the same time, perfect for brainstorming remotely or hashing out next year's budget.


Wunderlist Icon

Sometimes it seems like work is comprised of a never ending to-do list. If you want an easy digital solution that can replace all the post-it notes and panicked phone calls, Wunderlist might be for you. Available on every major platform, Wunderlist allows you to create to-dos that you can share with your employees, family, or anyone. They sync in real time, and you can create due dates, reminders, and notifications so that nothing slips through the crack.

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