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Small Business Web Tools & Resources: The Web Page

A collection of free (or cheap) web tools for the small business owner to get a handle on organization, ecommerce, and finance.


For intermediate users. Wordpress offers hosting and extensive control over templates. Though ecommerce is not built in natively to the platform, a plugin called GetShopped can add that functionality to the site.


For advanced users. Drupal is an open source web authoring tool based on PHP. You'll have to find your own host, and it helps to know databases and MySQL. Hundreds of community modules make Drupal incredibly versatile, and once you get some experience you can unlock Drupal's true potential.


Weebly's templates and easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools makes designing an attractive and functional website easy even for the novice computer user. Get your own domain name for as little as $3 a month. If you're going to use your website as a online storefront, Weebly provides the tools for that as well with the premium $20/month package.


Squarespace is an excellent choice if you want your products front and center on your site. Squarespace's templates emphasize graphics, with huge splash images and scrolling galleries. Your site wil be mobile-ready with easy ecommerce integration. This tool offers less freedom to alter templates compared to Weebly, but what it does it does well.


Wix is another web design tool and host. Its templates are closer in design to Squarespace, and you can view a gallery of Wix created sites. If you know for sure that you want to see your product online, Wix offers one of the most inexpensive ecommerce packages at about $16/month.

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