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SmarterMail : Help! Includes Videos

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From the Help Panels:


Because most users generally send email to the same people or addresses, SmarterMail automatically pulls email addresses from your Sent Items folder, your contacts, the Global Address List (GAL), aliases and mailing lists and saves the all separately to an auto-complete list. This list is different than your Contacts list as it covers accounts you may not have actual contacts set up for. These auto-saved email addresses are then used to auto-complete the To, Cc and Bcc fields when applicable.

To view the list of email addresses used for the auto-complete feature, click the settings icon. Then expand the My Settings and Advanced Settings folders and click Auto-complete in the navigation pane. A list of email addresses will load in the content pane.

Editing the Auto-complete List

When you bring up the auto-complete list, you will see all of the addresses saved listed by Email Address, Display Name and Source. The source listed will be either one of the following:

  • Sent items
  • Contacts
  • Global Address List
  • Alias
  • Contacts

You can only delete addresses that were pulled from your Sent Items folder. To do this, simply select the addresses and click Delete in the content pane toolbar. To delete other items you will need to do so from their respective locations within SmarterMail. That is, from your contacts, by deleting aliases, etc.

Contact Lists


Organize your mail by creating folders and setting up content filtering rules

Add a Photo

Maintaining your mailbox size

If your mailbox size starts to get full - check for large attachments:

In Smartermail, on the left go down past all your folders and click on "By Type" and then "With Attachments". It takes a minute or two, but it will them list all messages from all folders with attachments. Then, on that summary list of messages, if you click on the label "Size" in the last column, it will sort the messages and list those that are largest up top.

From there:

--Old flyers, posters, and brochures? Delete
--Photos? Delete or save the photo files to a non-Smartermail Folder on your computer (then delete)
--PDFs and docs that should be saved? See above--open them and then save them to a non-SmarterMail folder


Use Categories to Send Messages to Distribution Lists

Although SmarterMail does not have a distribution list feature, users can create categories and assign contacts to categories in order to easily send messages to a select group of email addresses. For example, if you are working on a project with a dozen people in your contacts list, you can assign them to the same category (such as "Project X"). This allows you to easily filter through your contacts list to find and email only the contacts assigned to the Project X category.

Follow these steps to assign a contact to a category:

  1. Log in to SmarterMail as a user.
  2. Click the Contacts icon. A list of contacts will load in the navigation pane.
  3. Click the desired contact. The contact details will display in the content pane.
  4. Click Edit in the content pane toolbar.
  5. Click the Categories tab and select the category you would like to assign the contact to. NOTE: If the category does not exist, you can create a new category by clicking the Master Categories button and typing the new category name in the text box. Be sure to separate categories with a comma.
  6. Click Save.

Follow these steps to send a message to all of the contacts in a category:

  1. Click the Contacts icon. A list of contacts will load in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the View menu in the navigation pane toolbar. Then click Filter, click Category and click the desired category. All contacts assigned to the selected category will load in the navigation pane.
  3. To send a message to all of the contacts in this category, click the Actions menu and click Select All.
  4. Click the Actions menu again and click Send Email. This will open a new message addressed to all of the contacts in the selected category.
  5. Compose the email and click Send.

Creating folders

Block Senders