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Fantastic Foreign Films: Turkish

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Turkish Films

Times and Winds (2006)

Winner of the Best Film and FIPRESCI prizes at the Istanbul International Film Festival, Times and Winds is a film bewitched by the rhythms of everyday life  that packs a poetic-spiritual punch way beyond its placid surface. Laying bare forbidden yearnings, dawning sexuality, and oedipal rage, it tells the story of three pre-adolescent friends coming of age in a remote Turkish mountain village.

Angel's Fall (2005)

A critically acclaimed, contemporary tale from picturesque Istanbul, a city bordering the West and the Arab world; comes a timely tale about love and hope.
Zeynep, a beautiful, young woman, dreams of a better life. Her days are spent cleaning hotel rooms and her nights are like hell because of her abusive father.
The only person that she relates to is Mustafa, who is younger than she and works at the same hotel. In a parallel story, on the other side of the city,
Selcuk mourns the death of his wife, safely keeping her belongings close to him, in a suitcase. By chance, or if you choose; by fate, Zeyneps and Selcuks paths cross with unexpected consequences, changing all their lives forever.

Bliss (2007)

When a young woman named Meryem is raped, her village custom requires that she be killed in order for the dishonour to be expunged from her family. A young man named Cemal (Murat Han), the son of the village leader, is given the task but at the last moment he has doubts. The pair go on the run, followed close behind by local thugs intent on killing the girl. Luckily enough, Cemal and Meryem meet up with a charismatic man named Irfan, an ex-university professor who is embarking on a sailing trip, and needs a crew. Seems Irfan is running away too--in his case from a dead marriage and an empty life. Together this unlikely trio set forth on a voyage that will change all of their lives.

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