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Job Hunting and Employment Resources: Civil Service, Local Employment, and Newspapers


The following is a list of newspapers available in Rockland County that have classified job ads.

The Journal News: published daily, in print and online. New classified ads come out on Wed. and Sun.

The NY Times: published daily, in print and online. New classified ads come out on Sundays.

The NY Daily News: published daily, in print and online. New classified ads come out on Sundays.

The N.Y. Post: published daily, in print and online. New classified ads come out on Sundays.


Federal Jobs

USAJOBS is the U.S. Government’s official system/program for Federal jobs and employment information.

To apply for a job, there are four basic steps:

1.   Create an account

Enter your profile information and create a resume. Please note that you do not need to create a "My Account" to search for jobs, but you must create an account to apply for jobs online.

2.   Search jobs

Use basic search to enter in job and location keyword information from the USAJOBS home page or the advanced search function.  Review the job opportunity announcements and note of those of interest.  Carefully review the "Qualification and Evaluation" section to determine whether you will qualify for the position.

3.   Apply for jobs

Carefully follow the instructions in the "How to Apply" section for each announcement.  Submit any additional documentation to verify your qualifications such as transcripts, SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action, and/or Veterans' Form DD-214.

4.   Manage Your Career

Log into your account to obtain application status for positions for which you have applied. Contact the agency for specific follow-up questions or those related to the particular job.  The  agency contact information is listed on the right-hand side of the announcement.

Civil Service

Rockland County Civil Service:

Civil Service Examinations may be either open to the general public or limited, if indicated, to a promotional field of employees in Rockland County government or in one or more of the Rockland County Civil Service jurisdictions (towns, villages, school districts, and special districts, etc.) For a complete list of local municipal agencies/jurisdictions, please click here.

Civil Service examinations test a candidate's qualifications for a particular Civil Service title.  If you are interested in taking an examination, click on the examination title and review the examination announcement that provides you with information specific to that examination, including the scheduled exam date, minimum requirements required, salary and location(s) of positions, and last filing dates for participation in the examination.

It is important to refer to the list of examination announcements (Open Competitive and/or Promotional) regularly for updates.  Examinations may be administered in a variety of ways, including written exams, performance exams (e.g., for language or equipment operation proficiency), computerized exams, or evaluations of training and experience.

To apply to take a Civil Service examination, you must complete a Rockland County Application for Examination or Employment and file within the announced filing period.

For filing fees, how to file, and any other questions, please call the Rockland County Department of Personnel at (845) 638-5200.

New York State Civil Service

You can access current examination announcements, current vacancies, promotion opportunities, featured programs, on-line examinations the Opportunities with New York State Government page.

Appointments and promotions in the New York State civil service are made according to principles of "merit and fitness" as mandated by the New York State Constitution. Candidates can compete for competitive class positions by participating in competitive civil service examinations. These examinations  assess candidates' knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for performing the job.

The State Examination page allows you to see current announcements for scheduled examinations.  Once you've found an announcement in which you are interested, review the minimum qualifications to see if you possess these requirements.

The announcements contain important information to help you determine your eligibility, such as:

  • job title
  • date of examination
  • job location
  • duties
  • salary
  • description of the test
  • deadline date for filing applications
  • how to apply
  • fee information, if applicable

You may be able to apply on-line or download the announcement and appropriate application.

For more information on NYS Civil Service job opportunities, please call the NY Civil Service Outreach & Employment office at  1-(877)-697-5627.

NYC Careers

NYC Careers is the City of New York’s official government jobs site where you can obtain general career information and view and apply to specific jobs and/or civil service exams.

Access - VR

Adult Career and Continuing Education Services-Vocational Rehabilitation or ACCES-VR starts with the presumption that all persons with disabilities can benefit from vocational rehabilitation services and should have opportunities to - work in jobs integrated within their communities. VR Counselors guide individuals through service programs they need to reach their employment goals.

Subject Guide

NY State Department of Labor

Apply for Unemployment Insurance, search the NY State Job Bank, learn about career fairs, summer jobs for youth, and a lot more at the Department of Labor's website.

Jobs for Vets

There is no more deserving and skilled group of unemployed individuals than our Veterans returning home. There are two websites that specialize in jobs for U.S. Veterans:

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