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Haverstraw Local History Resources: Local Cemeteries & Funeral Homes

Use this guide to find information about Haverstraw Local History resources.

Funeral Home Records

The library has three spiral bound books of funeral home records in the Local History Room:

The records of the George M. Holt funeral home, including Purdy and McKenzie 1864-1953.
The records of the A. W. Dutcher's Sons funeral home, 1878-1965.
Burials at Brick Church Cemetery, Rockland County, New York 1774-1994.



St. Peter's Cemetery Rt 9w, Haverstraw NY 10927 (845) 429-4811

Mt. Repose Cemetery Rt. 9w, Haverstraw, NY 10927 (845) 429-8383

Congregation Sons of Jacob Rt. 9w, Haverstraw, NY 10927

Rockland Genealogy has a great list of historic graveyards on their website.


Funeral Homes

Dutcher's A.W. Sons Funeral Home 18 Lincoln St. Haverstraw, NY 10927 (845) 429-2117

George M. Holt Funeral Home 50 New Main St. Haverstraw, NY 10927 (845) 429-2159

T.J. McGowan Sons Funeral Home 133 Broadway Haverstraw, NY 10927 (845) 429-2130

T.J. McGowan Sons Funeral Home 71 N. Central Hwy. Garnerville, NY 10923 (845) 429-6665