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Knitting Sampler: How To...

Yarn Types

Yarn weight equals the thickness of the yarn and the higher the category number the heavier the yarn and the fewer stitches/inch.

Category 1 -Super fine includes baby, fingering and sock yarns. Usually knit on US needles 1-3 at a gauge of 27-32 stitches/4 in.

Category 2 -Fine includes baby and sport yarns knit on US needles 3-5 at 23-26 stitches/4 in.

Category 3 - Light includes DK and light worsted knit on US needles 5-7 at 21-24 stitches/4 in.

Category 4 - Medium includes aran and worsted knit on US needles 7-9 at 16-20 stitches/4 in.

Category 5 - Bulky includes chunky yarn knit on US 9-11 at 12-15 stitches/4 inches

Category 6 - Super Bulky includes bulky and roving knit on US 11 and up at 6-11/4 inches

Why swatch?

To ensure that your garment will fit, it's important to make sure you are working at the  number of stitches/inch that is specified in the pattern.  The following links discuss the importance of swatching and the proper way to do it.

Cast on and Bind Off

Some tutorials to help you to start and end your project.

Knitting Needles

Straight needles come in different lengths and are used primarily for flat knitting of smaller items. 

Circular needles are straight needles tips attached by a cable.  Circulars accomodate a larger number of stitches than straight needles and can be used for flat knitting. They may be more comfortable to use for larger flat projects because the weight of the piece is more evenly distributed.  Circulars allow a garment to be knit in the round, useful for cowls and  sweaters.

Double pointed needles have points at both ends and are sold as sets of 4 or 5.  They are used to knit in the round for smaller garments like gloves, mittens and socks.

Needles can be made from a variety of materials - bamboo, metal, wood and plastic.  Some materials have more "grab" than others and are easier to use with a slippery fiber like silk.  Personal comfort and preference guide the choice of needles.