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6th Grade Ancient Civilization Exploration: Chinese History Books

Nonfiction Books

Ancient China : archaeology unlocks the secrets of China's past  Ball, Jacqueline A.   J 930 BAL

The ancient Chinese world  Kleeman, Terry F.   YA 930 WORLD

The ancient Chinese  Lai, Po Kan.   J 931 LAI

You are in ancient China  Minnis, Ivan   J 931 MIN

Early China and the Wall  Nancarrow, Peter,    J 931 NAN

The Great Wall of China  Fisher, Leonard Everett    J 931.04 FIS

The Han dynasty  Wyborny, Sheila   J 931.04 WYB

The Tang dynasty (A.D. 618-907).   J 951 CAL

Chinese life  Clements, Jonathan.   J 951 CLE

The Song dynasty, A.D. 960-1276.    J 951 CAL

Traditions from China, Mamdani, Shelby  J 951.003 MAM

The ancient Chinese  Martell, Hazel.    J 951.01 MAR

The Song dynasty  Ingram, Scott    J 951.024 ING

What life was like in the land of the dragon : imperial China, AD 960-1368  Time-Life Books    YA 951.024 WHA

The Yellow River  Dramer, Kim.    J 951.1 DRA

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