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6th Grade Ancient Civilization Exploration: African History Books

Nonfiction Books

Kings and Queens of West Africa,  Diouf, Sylviane Anne    J 920 DIO

African history for beginners, Boyd, Herb   YA 960 BOY

Africa : customs, cultures, legends, and lore, Capaldi, Gina    J 960 CAP

African beginnings, Haskins, James    J 960 HAS

Ancient West African kingdoms : Ghana, Mali, & Songhai, Quigley, Mary   J 966.01 QUI

The empire of Ghana, Green, Rebecca L.   J 966.101 GRE

The Songhay empire, Conrad, David C.   J 966.201 CON

Wolof, Sallah, Tijan M.  YA 966.3004 SAL

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