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Personal Finance and Investing: Claim What's Yours

More Historical Stock Data

Yale University's School of Management New York Stock Exchange Project collects data on stock prices and dividends from 1825-1925 (companies listed with the NYSE).

Hidden Money?

Claim Any Hidden Money To Which You May Be Entitled

The New York State Comptroller's Office acts as a custodian of all unclaimed funds. The office compiled a list of all common reasons a NY State resident or former resident may have unclaimed funds.

Did you ever...

  • Move without notifying everyone with whom you do business of your new address?
  • Open a school savings account as a child or for your own child and then forget about it?
  • Move without getting your utility deposit refund?
  • Forget to cash a health insurance check?
  • Neglect to cash interest or dividend checks on a security?
  • Leave a job and never go back to get your last paycheck?

In cases like these, your money is eventually turned over to the State. Search the list of unclaimed funds, enter your LAST NAME and FIRST NAME or COMPANY NAME from 2 to 35 characters. You can narrow your results by adding a MIDDLE INITIAL or CITY of residents on the search results page.

State law requires banks, insurance companies, utilities, and other businesses to turn dormant savings accounts, unclaimed insurance and stock dividends, and other inactive holdings over to the State. If there has been no activity in the account for between 2 and 5 years, money is considered unclaimed or abandoned.

Before unclaimed funds are turned over to the State, banks and insurance attempt to notify you by mail and are required to publish newspaper listings or names and addresses. Despite these efforts, many funds remain unclaimed and turned over.

Financial expert Suze Orman recommends we visit these sites to find out if there is any money to which we may be entitled of which we may be unaware. is a database of governmental unclaimed property to include: bank accounts, safe deposit box contents, stocks, mutual funds, bonds and dividends, uncashed checks, and trust funds. is launched by The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators (NAUPA), a non-profit organization affiliated with the National Association of State Treasurers and the Council of State Governments. The organization suggests we search each state (from the home page map) in which we lived to check for unclaimed money that may be due.

Finding a Lost Pension is a booklet designed by the Pension Benefit Guaranty Agency with the purpose to help pension beneficiaries know where to look for all their entitled payments - specifically if they have worked in the private sector.


All Fed Benefits to Be Paid Electronically

Federal Benefits Direct Deposit. Starting March 1, 2013, all federal benefits will be paid electronically. This includes: payments from the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs, Railroad Retirement Board, Office of Personnel Management or Department of Labor (Black Lung). At this time, paper checks will be eliminated.

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