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Personal Finance and Investing: Demystify Your Finances

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Demystify Debt is dedicated to financial well-being, debt help and advice. Their mission is to arm everyone – from young adults to the recently retired – with free information and tools to make sound financial decisions.


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Personal Finance and Investing

Increase Your Financial IQ

Arts and Numbers: A Financial Guide for Artists, Writers, Non-Profits, and Other Members of the Creative Class - Elaine Grogan Luttrull.

ISBN 13: 9781932841756

This guide, designed for artists, writers, musicians, freelancers and the like, covers the following topics: budgeting, cash management, financial statements, money management software, taxes, employment, and even business etiquette.

Financial Planning DeMystified: A Self-Teaching Guide - Paul J. Lim.

ISBN 13: 9780071476713

Written by Chief Financial Correspondent for US News & World Report, this book drills down basic definitions for bonds, mutual funds, stocks, common employer-sponsored retirement plans, and helps you to personalize your financial planning to make the best decisions for you and your family.

Rich Dad's Increase Your Financial IQ: Get Smarter with Your Money - Robert T. Kiyosaki (foreward by Donald J. Trump)

ISBN 13: 9780446509367

The book asserts that financial intelligence is more important today than ever. "In a world of financial turbulence, your best asset is your financial IQ." The five aspects of your Financial IQ are discussed as follows: make more money; protect the money you have; budget your money; leverage your money; improve your financial situation. 

Yes, You Can Get a Financial Life: Your Lifetime Guide to Financial Planning - Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth

ISBN: 9781401911249

These financial experts assert that financial plans are set up in stages from our 20s through our 50s. From tables that detail what investment percentage should be in proportion to savings to recommended savings as percent of current salary to late retirement asset allocation, this book covers it all in easy to understand tables and charts and straightforward narrative.

Manage Your Assets

Rule Your Freakin' Retirement

Rule Your Freakin; Retirement: How to Retire Rich by Actively Managing Your Assets - Michael Parness

ISBN 13: 9780071476713

Full time master trader, financial analyst who has appeared on CNN, Bloomberg and FoxNews, and site owner of asserts that standard advice regarding your retirement accounts are not working. Read up on his unconventional and aggressive approach.


Your Money and Your Life: A Lifetime Approach to Money Management - Robert Z. Aliber.

ISBN 13: 9780804748537

Aliber, Professor Emeritus of International Econ and Finance at Chicago asserts that "your financial health is more than a mere collection of debits and credits on a balance sheet." He breaks the book into sections: expenditure decisions, investment decisions, and financial planning decisions in a tone that feels like the author is more your personal financial planner than a university professor.

The AARP Retirement Survival Guide: How to Make Smart Financial Decisions in Good Times and Bad - Julie Jason.

ISBN 13: 9781402743412

Written by Money Manager, Julie Jason, the book provides a roadmap for achieving financial security for your retirement and explains sources for retirement income, how to guarantee lifelong income, and understand taxes during retirement.


Financial Research At A Glance...

SEARCH the EDGAR database. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provides free access through it's EDGAR database to 10-k (yearly) and 10-q (quarterly) reports to include audited financial statements, and competitive analysis.

SEEKING ALPHA. Seeking Alpha provides access to free company quarterly results earnings conference call transcripts.

Reuters. Search financials by sector and industry to compare the health of a particular vertical. 

Yahoo Finance. Free company reports to include annual filings, financial statements and earnings calls.