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Job Hunting at the Library: Civil Service, Professional, and Certification Exams


The Valley Cottage Library has test preparation books for the following civil service exams. They are all shelved under the call number 351.3.  Please ask a librarian for assistance.

Account Clerk

Account Clerk-Typist

Administrative Clerk

Administrative Supervision/Supervision II

Alphabetizing/ Name and Number Checking

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Mechanic

Arithmetic Reasoning

Assistant Clerk

Assistant Foreman

Assistant Head Custodian

Associate Claim Examiner

Auto Mechanic

Automotive Service Writer

Basic Algebra

Basic Mathematics

Beginning Clerical Worker

Border Patrol

Building Custodian

Bus Dispatcher

Business Machine Operator


Certified General Automobile Mechanic

Chief Clerk

Code Enforcement Officer

Coding and Decoding

Concepts and Principles of Normalization for the Mentally...

Contemporary Government and Social Problems

Corrections Officer

Court Officer

Data Entry Clerk



Emergency Dispatcher: 911 Operator


Evaluating Conclusions in the Light of Known Facts



Fraud Investigator

Health Insurance Administrator


Keyboarding Practices

Maintenance Mechanic

Memory for Facts and Information

Network Administrator

Police Officer

Police Sergeant

Postal Worker

Principal Clerk

Probation Officer

Sanitation Worker

Social Welfare Administrator

Special Agent, U.S. Treasury Department

State Trooper


Teaching Assistant

Treatment of the Mentally Ill/Emotionally Disturbed

Understanding and Interpreting Tabular Material

Understanding and Interpreting Written Material

Verbal Analysis

Work Scheduling

Written English