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Researching Your House History: a guide to resources from The Nyack Library: Newspaper Articles

This guide will help you get started researching your house.

Vertical File Folders

The Vertical File Folders at the Nyack Library were originally the files of Journal-News reporter Virginia Parkhurst. Of particular interest to those researching house histories are the following files:
-Nyack – Architecture
-Nyack - Buildings
-Nyack - Houses
-Nyack - Historic District

To see a full listing of folders by heading, (press CTRL+F to search)

Local Newspapers & Obituaries

This is a complete listing of local newspapers on microfilm at the Nyack Library:

City and Country
, various issues from 1860-1921; NEW!! Selected issues available online:

City and Country

Independent Advertiser, 1884-1887

Nyack Evening Journal
, 1889-1928
Nyack Evening Journal

Nyack Evening Star
, 1892-1903; 1905-1917

Nyack Evening Star

Orangetown Telegram ....

Journal News
, 1932-current

Rockland Advertiser
, 1879-1880 / Rockland Advertiser-Chronicle, 1880

Rockland News 1920-1921
The Rockland News masthead

Rockland County Journal
, 1850-1887; 1893-1915

NOW ONLINE FROM 1850-1900 

Rockland County Times

Using ScanPro 2000 Digital Microfilm

Do you need to look at microfilm copies of old newspapers?  It just got easier with the ScanPro 2000, thanks to the Friends of the Nyack Library.  See a video on how to use it below: