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Downloading eBooks: FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Nook didn't come with a USB cord.  How do I connect to my computer?

If you remove the pronged end of your cord, you'll find the USB! 

 My Nook is plugged into my computer. Why isn't it showing up in Adobe Digital Editions?

1) Make sure  you're in "library view" (click on the book spine icon in the upper left hand corner)

2) Make sure your Nook is plugged into your computer via USB. Try switching USB ports.

3) Make sure your Nook is on and "unlocked."

4) Make sure your Nook is authorized to your computer.  After you create your Adobe ID and use the ID to authenticate, a window will appear asking if you want to authorize your computer. Make sure you say "yes."   If you missed that step, don't worry.  The next time you plug in your Nook and open Adobe Digital Editions, you'll be asked again if you'd like to authorize the device. Say "Yes!"

5) If you're using a Mac, you might need to plug your nook into the compter before opening Adobe Digital Editions.

I can't get eBooks onto my iPhone using the Overdrive application. What's going on?

If you downloaded the application before December 2010, you'll need to download the application again in order to get eBooks.

I transferred an eBook from Adobe Digital Editions onto my Nook, but now I can't find it on the device. Where is it?

If you're using a classic Nook, check the "My Documents" folder.  If you're using a Nook Color, check in "My Files" (located on the upper right hand corner of your screen). 

I transferred an eBook from Adobe Digital Editions onto my Pandigital Novel, but now I can't find it on the device.  Where is it?

Use the search tool to search for the eBook.  When it is retrieved, click on the eBook to open it. The next time you return to your library, the eBook will appear.

Why is my Nook saying, "User not activated" when I try to open my ebook?

I'm not sure why this happens, but these steps usually fix the problem:

1. Deauthorize your Nook (ctl + shift + e or cmnd + shift + e for Mac)

2. Deauthorize Adobe Digital Editions (ctl + shift + d or cmnd + shift + d for Mac)

3. Uninstall Adobe Digital Editions

4. Remove the Adobe Digital Editions files from the Nook.

5. Return Nook to factory settings (this step may not be necessary).

6. Reinstall & authorize Adobe Digital Editions.

7. Plug in & authorize Nook.


Can I use my 3G network to transfer my eBook?

No, you must you a wifi network.  If your Kindle is not wifi equipped, you can transfer the eBook via USB.  Login to your Kindle account, and select the "transfer via USB" option.

Why am I being prompted to enter a credit card?

Borrowing a library eBook through Overdrive is free. You do not need to enter a credit card.  If you are being prompted to enter a credit card, it's probably because you entered the OverDrive site through a mobile application.

Start your search again using a seperate desktop or laptop computer. When you are redirected to Amazon's website, the button will say "Get library book" not "Purchase now."