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Get great resources and info about our Speculative Fiction Club. Can't come to the meeting? Read along with us at home!

Meeting Calendar

For the Winter:

Jan. 15: The Forever War
Joe Haldeman

Books will be available from the New City Library checkout desk, (bookmarks are beneath the windows across from the desk) starting about a month before the discussion date.


Is your busy schedule keeping you from book club?  At the end of a long day, do the attractions of a glass of wine and your fuzzy Wookie slippers outweigh your desire to socialize?  Well, now you can have it ALL!

New City Library's "In Other Worlds" speculative fiction book group now has an online forum at Goodreads (In Other Worlds... Online)!  You don't need a Goodreads account to follow the discussion, but you will need one to join in (it's free to sign up).

We'll be reading the same selections as our in-person meetings, but the discussion will follow a looser, less time-dependent format.  (Participation in one group does NOT exclude you from participation in the other!)  The online discussion for each title will open the first Monday of that month, and continue to the end of the calendar month.

About In Other Worlds

is a speculative fiction book group that meets once a month to discuss a pre-chosen novel. Speculative fiction is the overarching genre the encapsulates science fiction, fantasy, horror, and any blending of the three. We are open to the public and encourage new members to stop in at any meeting. 

Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m.

The group is led by librarian Karen Ostertag. If you have any questions please call 634-4997 x128 or e-mail kostertag (at) 

More about... The Forever War by Joe Haldeman

Jan. 15:

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