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Better Baby Care: Rockland County Connections

About this Guide

A coalition of Rockland County family-centered organizations have come together to create this resource guide to ensure the healthy development of all our young children and well-being of all our families. 

Because you will most likely have many questions during your pregnancy and/or as a new parent, this information will help you find the right resources. 

Carefully review it and keep it very handy. 

We have provided phone numbers and web addresses for you in this web version of our brochure. 

And, as always, in addition to these resources you can speak with your child's doctor about any issues or concerns. 

Best of luck in your journey, 

Better Baby Care Committee 

This guide was created by representatives from the following groups: Child Care Resources of Rockland, Every Person Influences Children , Rockland County Head Start, Library Association of Rockland County, Lower Hudson Valley Perinatal Network, Rockland 21C, Rockland County Department of Health

Emergency and Crisis Services

You and Your Developing Child

Childbirth and Newborn Classes

Good Samaritan Hospital - 845-368-5000 x5106

Nyack Hospital - 845-348-2639

Birthright  - 845-623-9098

Breastfeeding Information 

La Leche League - 845-365-3917

Good Samaritan Hospital Resource Center, Lactation Office - 845-368-8270

Nyack Hospital Lactation Department - 845-348-2676

Rockland County Department of Health, Breastfeeding, Promotion and Support 845-364-3865

Child Care and Early Learning 

Child Care Resources of Rockland - 845-425-0009 

Head Start of Rockland - 845-429-2225

Child Development Questions 

Speak with Your Child's Doctor - Call their office

Rockland County Early Intervention Department (for services)  - 845-364-2032

Early Childhood Direction Center (to discuss concerns and evaluation) - 914-493-1709

Parenting Resources and Workshops

School Family Resource Centers/Rockland 21C (info, playgroups) - 845-627-5437 

EPIC - Every Person Influences Children (parenting workshops) - 845-352-9105

Child Care Resources of Rockland (workshops) - 845-425-0009

Social Experiences for Parents and Babies

Check your local library's Children's Department 

Check your school's Family Resource Center (for a list of centers, call Rockland 21C) - 845-627-5437

Mothers of Twins Club of Rockland - 845-709-8010

Child Care Resources of Rockland - 845-425-0009

Visit a park or playground in your area

Home Visiting Program (call for availability in your area) 

Parent-Child Home Program (literacy based, for 2&3 year olds) - 845-627-5437

Early Head Start (home and center based) - 845-429-2225


Basic Needs and Family Support

(Eligibility may be income or citizenship-based)

General Information

InfoRock / Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm (specialists assess your needs and give referrals to appropriate services) - 845-364-2020 

United Way Helpline for the Hudson Valley (both numbers are mulilingual) - Dial 2-1-1 or 800-899-1479

NYS myBenefits website (to determine what public service programs you may qualify for) 

Health Insurance for Your Child 

Rockland County Department of Health - 845-364-3312

Well Baby Care and Immunizations 

Rockland County Department of Health's Child Health Clinic - 845-364-2520

Health Care (federally qualified health centers serve those with limited access to health care)

Hudson River Health Centers: Haverstraw Location - 845-429-4499 & Spring Valley Location- 845-573-9860

Refuah Health Center: Spring Valley - 845-354-9300

Monsey Family Medical Center - 845-352-6800

Women's Health 

Nyack Hosptial Prenatal Center - 845-348-2550

Planned Parenthood - 845230-7526

Rockland County Department of Health - 845-364-2531

Nutrition Programs 

WIC (Women, Infants & Children) (providing free supplemental food for pregnant/nursing women and childre under 5) - 845-364-2577

SNAP benefits (food stamps) / NYS myBenefits website (fill out the form) - 845-364-3100

Rockland County Department of Social Services - 845-364-3100

For Confidential Help with Nutrition Assistance (including school meals) 

Nutrition Outreach and Education Program Coordinator, Catholic Community Services - 845-942-5791 x14

WestCOP at Rockland Community Action Program (Haverstaw and Spring Valley Locations) - 845-728-0688

Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens

InfoRock (call for locations in your community) - 845-364-2020

For Help Installing a Car Seat Properly

Rockland County Sheriff's Department - 845-638-5400

Your Local Police Department (DO NOT CALL 911) 

Baby Clothes and Supplies

InfoRock (for a list of thrift shops) - 845-364-2020

People to People - 845-623-4900

Birthright - 845-623-9098

Recalls of baby items 

About this Guide

Every child's life is mafe up of building blocks as they grow and develop. You - the parent and caregiver - are the most important building block in thier journey to a safe, happy and healthy future. Being a parent and raising a child is not easy. Some say it's the world's hardest job the same time...the world's most rewarding job. A child's development is complicated, with ups and down, and you will probably find yourself stumbling along the way. 

Every one of us will eventunually have questions about birth, parenting, health, nutrition, socialization, and learning. We will all need to find out about services and resources that are available nearby. The better prepared we are as parents, the stronger the foundation - the building blocks - we can offer our children as they take flight. We hope this information gives you useful tools you need to be the best parents you can be